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December 31, 2005

I is for I Love Christmas!

Boy, did I have a good Christmas with my family this year.
I stayed in my Santa pj's ALL DAY.

I spent some time opening presents with my mom and dad.
Hmmm, I wonder what this is? It feels like a box of some sort.

Ooooh...this is fun. Curly ribbon is great!
I don't even need to look inside this package. I can just play with the ribbon all day.

I sure got a lot of fun toys for Christmas this year!
I am going to have a lot of fun playing with them.

One of my favorite toys is this taxicab.
It is meant for rolling around on the floor, but I prefer to put it in my mouth.

How do you like this block tower that I built?
Needs. One. More. Block...Must. Reach. It....Ugh...

Since I have so many new toys, my mom had to get me a container for them.
I tried it out. It seems like it will hold quite a few toys.

Aw, is Christmas over already?
Oh well, it'll happen again next year...

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December 23, 2005

H is for Happy Holidays!!!!!

Yo! Sorry I've been such a bad little blogger lately. We're going to get a new computer pretty soon, so I should be a lot more frequent in my posts after that.

I got a new toy. Plastic rings on a stick!
12-20 rings1.jpg
Is this ring for me? You shouldn't have.

There are so many rings...
12-20 rings2.jpg
I don't know what I'm gonna do with all these rings!

Oh, and also, the rings are delicious.
12-20 rings3.jpg
I like the yellow one. It tastes delightful, much better than the green one. Yechhh.

I still play in my Exersaucer a lot.
12-20 exersaucer attack.jpg
Sometimes I have to bark orders at that darned leopard. I said, "Ahhhhhhhhhhh!"

And then sometimes I just relax on the floor.
12-20 floor.jpg
Ok, that's nice, now moving on...

I'm a good sitter, it turns out.
12-20 sitting by myself.jpg
Who knew I could do it all by myself?

Ok, so there isn't much holiday-related content there, but I'll get to that next time.

Peace! Elissa, over and out.

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December 6, 2005

G is for Getting clean

Hello. How are you?
11-05 bathtub2.jpg
My rubber ducky and I would like to welcome you to another blog about Baby Jacuzzi.

Baby Jacuzzi is still one of my favorite evening activities.
11-05 bathtub.jpg
As you can see, I have grown quite a bit since my last blog about Baby Jacuzzi.

Sometimes things on the kitchen counter catch my attention.
11-05 great escape.jpg
I plot my escape, then I go for it!

My rubber ducky also doubles as a water temperature gauge.
11-05 hot.jpg
Let me tell you, I like it H-O-T!

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December 1, 2005

F is for Feasting

Why, hello there. It's time for another blog now that I have gained access to some of my more recent pictures.
11-05 pink sweater.jpg
Here I am sitting in my comfy chair. Usually I sit on my mom or my dad while they sit in this chair. Please take a moment to admire my lovely pink sweater. It used to belong to my mom. I love vintage stuff.

Before we went to Michigan for Thanksgiving, I did some warm-up eating at home.
11-05 green beans.jpg
My mom made me some green beans and I like them a lot! I wish I could figure out how to get these green beans off my face and into my belly.

I met my Uncle Joe while we were in Michigan. We had a good time hanging out together.
turkey day 05 uncle joe.jpg
Uncle Joe likes babies, but I'm pretty sure he likes me best out of all the babies he knows. After all, we're related.

I also spent some time with my Great Grandma.
turkey day 05 grandma thill.jpg
She cooked a Thanksgiving turkey that weighed more than I do.

I also stopped in at my Great Great Aunt Pat's house after the big day.
turkey day 05 aunt pat.jpg
I had a good time hanging out with her and all of my other relatives.

I promise to post more pictures soon. I'm still having some technical difficulties, but I'm trying not to give my dad too hard of a time about getting the computer fixed. He's a busy guy between finishing his Master's degree, working at the bike shop, and taking care of me.

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