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February 28, 2006

O is for On a trip

Hi everyone. I recently visited Motown to see Grandma and lots of other relatives.
28-Feb-2006 trip01.jpg
I helped Mom with the packing. Don't forget to pack this jar of vegetables!

Oh, and I'll definitely need some of these diapers.
28-Feb-2006 trip02.jpg
I sure hope we don't forget anything!

I had a great time hanging out at Grandma's house.
28-Feb-2006 reading01.jpg
I was able to do a lot of reading.

I know what you're thinking.
28-Feb-2006 reading02.jpg
For your information, I like to read upside down.

I also like to read more advanced material.
28-Feb-2006 reading03.jpg
Here I am relaxing in the recliner with Grandma while we ponder this fine work of literature.

Grandma took us to Frankenmuth for chicken dinner at the Bavarian Inn.
28-Feb-2006 menu01.jpg
I helped everyone decide what to order off the menu.

No vacation is complete without a picture in front of a mouse and some cheese.
28-Feb-2006 cheese01.jpg
Here I am with my mom and dad, this mouse, and some cheese.

I was pretty tired after all the fun I had in Michigan.
28-Feb-2006 sleeping01.jpg

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February 14, 2006

N is for Naked Valentine's Day Photos

Before you panic about me posting naked pictures on the Internet, I'm wearing my festive red diaper in all of these shots. I'm really only semi naked.
14-FEB-2006 086 valentine3.jpg
No need to avert your eyes, all of the photos are quite tasteful.

That's right, it's Valentine's Day!
14-FEB-2006 071 valentine2.jpg
So far I'm having a pretty good time just hanging out in my diaper.

Mom bought me these stuffed animals.
14-FEB-2006 059 valentine4.jpg
I like them a lot.

Sitting around having my picture taken is fun, but I think I'm ready to explore.
14-FEB-2006 068 valentine1.jpg
This is how I get ready to start moving.

I think I'll crawl over here and see what else is going on.
14-FEB-2006 056 valentine5.jpg
Have a Happy Valentine's Day, I'll see ya later!

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February 7, 2006

M is for Maintenance

Hello there. Today my mom took me to the doctor for my 9.000 month baby maintenance visit.
07-Feb-2006 on the floor.jpg
I now weigh 18 pounds and 5 ounces and I am 27 (and a half) inches tall. I showed the doctor how I do baby push-ups and how I army crawl. She was very impressed. I also gave her a high five at the end of the visit to show her how much I appreciated not needing any shots at this visit.

After my baby maintenance visit, I headed over to the bike shop to visit my dad. This is what it looks like when I try to crawl.
07-Feb-2006 ready to crawl.jpg
If this darn pack and play wasn't in my way, I might have been able to go someplace.

My dad was going to throw this receipt away, but I think it makes an excellent toy.
07-Feb-2006 receipt1.jpg
I love the sound of crinkling paper.

What? This is outrageous!
07-Feb-2006 receipt2.jpg
You spent all this money on diapers and baby wipes for my tushie??

Well, no sense in getting all worked up over this.
07-Feb-2006 receipt3.jpg
I'll just sit back and relax with this crinkly receipt. See you again soon!

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February 3, 2006

L is for Learning new tricks

I am learning a lot of new skills. This one is called standing.
01-Feb-2006 naked baby.jpg
Don't worry, my dad is spotting me to make sure I don't take a nosedive.

I like to hang out in the bike shop while my dad works.
01-Feb-2006 basket.jpg
Now THIS is a baby jail. I actually had a lot of fun playing under this basket despite my serious expression in this picture.

I really enjoy hanging out at the shop.
03-Feb-2006 hanging out at the bike shop1.jpg
I get to roll around on the floor and practice my crawling.

I'm finally big enough to wear this pink West Point sweatshirt that my Nanna and Grandpa picked up for me at Grandpa's 35th College Reunion. I still have 17 years to figure out where I want to go to college.
03-Feb-2006 hanging out at the bike shop2.jpg
I thought I would practice some push ups. I also Army crawl, but Mom couldn't get a picture of me in action because I am too fast.

Hey Mom, what are you doing over there?
03-Feb-2006 hanging out at the bike shop3.jpg
I'm ready for my close up!

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