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May 31, 2006

Y is for You want pictures? I've got pictures!

Well, here are some fun photos from my vacation and the past week.
100_0995 extreme close up.JPG
I played some golf while I was in Florida.

Mom and I posed by the pool.
100_0991 mom.JPG
If it was just a little bit warmer, you know I would jump in for a swim.

Uncle Scott and Robin came down for a visit.
100_0992 uncle scott.JPG
Uncle Scott got rid of some of that unsightly facial hair so I was not as nervous about hanging out with him this time.

Here I am playing with the xylophone on land.
IMG_1719 xylophone1.JPG
I'm a very good musician!

It's very important to wear sunglasses to protect your eyes from the sun.
100_1008 shades.JPG
But I happen to think I look very cool in them too.

The pool wasn't quite warm enough for a swim, so Mom took me for a dip in the spa.
100_1038 swimming1.JPG
Yes, I am playing the amphibious xylophone again.

Baby Jacuzzi was held nightly in Nanna and Grandpa's big tub.
100_1023 soapy hair.JPG
This is one of my more serious moments in the Jacuzzi.

Grandpa and I spent some time on the new patio checking out the sales flyer for the Home Depot.
100_1064 reading.JPG
I made some suggestions. Nanna has a lot of projects for Grandpa around the house.

Here is a nice picture of me and my grandparents.
IMG_1757 nanna grandpa stretch.JPG
Oh yeah, Stretch too.

And here we have an official family picture.
100_1083 the family.JPG
Unfortunately, I was feeling rather melancholy during the photo shoot and I didn't really crack a smile.

After I returned to Minnesota from my vacation, Mom and I went to Minnehaha Falls.
26-May-2006 043 minnehaha falls.jpg
We had to climb down a lot of stairs to get this view of the waterfall.

A few days later, we stopped at the neighborhood park for a quick ride on the swing.
26-May-2006 051 swinging1.jpg
I really like to swing!

Excellent job, Mom!
26-May-2006 054 swinging2.jpg
Let's do it again!

Whew! That was quite a few pictures for one entry. I suppose that's what I get when I slack off on the old blog. Tomorrow I am going to the zoo, just in time for Z!

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May 25, 2006

X is for Xylophone

Whew! I've had a very busy couple of weeks as a one-year-old. Mom and I went to Florida to visit Nanna and Grandpa. They gave me a xylophone for my birthday. I really like it. It's amphibious.
05-22-06 xylophone.jpg
I like to boogie while playing my xylophone in the Baby Jacuzzi.

I have lots of other pictures from my vacation, but I've been way too busy to blog this week. I hope that the picture of me with my amphibious xylophone will satisfy my fans until I can do a proper entry. See you again soon!

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May 10, 2006

W is for Wild and Wacky Weekend

I'm back with more pictures from my exciting birthday weekend!
07 May 2006 elissa bday1.jpg
Here I am in front of the lilac bush in the backyard.

I just love spring.
07 May 2006 elissa bday2.jpg
So many pretty flowers to inspect.

Here I am in front of the lilacs with Grandma.
07 May 2006 elissa bday3.jpg
We got a little goofy. She can always make me laugh.

I haven't posted a picture of me and Mom in awhile.
07 May 2006 elissa bday4.jpg
We posed in front of the lilac bush too.

I went to the Grand Ole Creamery twice while Grandma was in town!
07 May 2006 elissa bday9.jpg
Mom and Dad let me taste their ice cream. I really like those Creamery waffle cones! Yum!

Guess what?
07 May 2006 elissa bday5.jpg
I finally figured out how to crawl on all fours!

I'm also content to just sit in one place.
07 May 2006 elissa bday6.jpg
I'm enjoying my new toys.

We went to Buca di Beppo for a tasty Italian meal while my relatives were in town.
07 May 2006 elissa bday7.jpg
I had lots of fun with Aunt Phyllis (that's her on the left) and Aunt Carrie.

We also went to Ft. Snelling while everyone was in town. We saw lots of old buildings and some soldiers practiced marching in the middle of the fort. I didn't even flinch when they shot their guns.
07 May 2006 elissa bday8.jpg
After a busy weekend, all I want to do is kick back and relax. I'm just gonna chill like this until my next blog entry...

Oh! I almost forgot to tell you about my one-year checkup! I am totally healthy. I now weigh 20 lbs 7 oz and I'm 28 inches tall! I had to get some shots and they drew some blood. I didn't like that part, but I'm done with shots and stuff for at least three more months. Whew!

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May 7, 2006

V is for Very Happy Birthday!

I turned ONE on Friday, May 5.
07 May 2006 birthday1.jpg
No, you're not confused. I'm still wearing my Santa pj's even though it's Cinco de Mayo. Yes, I'm aware that Christmas was several months ago. And yes, they still fit.

Oooooh...what do we have here?
07 May 2006 birthday2.jpg
Are those for me?

Mom made a fancy ladybug cake. It was chocolate on the inside.
07 May 2006 birthday3.jpg
This one was for the grown-ups. Mom, Dad, Grandma, Aunt Phyllis and Aunt Carrie were all there to celebrate with me.

I got my very own vanilla pound cake.
07 May 2006 birthday4.jpg
Complete with an unlit candle on top.

Actually, this candle doubles nicely as a spoon.
07 May 2006 birthday5.jpg
I'm not quite sure what I think about all this hullaballoo.

Hey, there's an awful lot of icing on this candle.
07 May 2006 birthday6.jpg
What the heck should I do with it now?

OK, that's enough cake.
07 May 2006 birthday7.jpg
Let's all throw our hands up in the air 'cuz it's my birthday!

Here I am in my birthday suit.
07 May 2006 birthday8.jpg
Tee hee. I'm on my way to the Baby Jacuzzi.

After my special Birthday Jacuzzi, I got to tear into those presents I was checking out earlier.
07 May 2006 birthday9.jpg
Let me see if I can use my magical powers to guess what is in this package.

It was fun to open my presents and all, but I preferred to play with the wrapping.
07 May 2006 birthday10.jpg
I am sooooooo silly.

Yup, still having fun with the tissue paper.
07 May 2006 birthday12.jpg
Can I have a birthday every day?

Whew. That was tiring. Maybe we should stick to having birthdays just once a year.
07 May 2006 birthday11.jpg
I have a lot more pictures from my exciting birthday weekend, but I think I'll save the rest of them for my next post. This post is all about me (and my birthday), but I'll share some pictures of my relatives in the next ESP entry. We had lots of fun this weekend and I've got the pictures to prove it!

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