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June 27, 2006

Sticks and Standing

Hello, everyone.
How are things going? Life here is pretty good.

Dad and I went to the park and I had fun with this stick.
Abracadabra! On the count of three, you will turn into a toad!

Hey, I think there's something wrong with this magic wand.
It doesn't seem to do anything exciting.

I've learned a new skill.
27-June-2006 fingers.jpg
No, it's not putting my fingers in my mouth...

It's standing!
27-June-2006 chew.jpg
Check it out, I can pull myself up to a standing position so that I can gnaw on the side of my playpen.

Standing up is great!
27-June-2006 standing.jpg
It's really changing my perspective. Watch out, I'll be walking before you know it!

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June 18, 2006

And you thought spaghetti was a messy meal...

This is what chicken parmesan looks like when I'm done with it.
17-June-2006 005 messy.jpg
I had to spend a few extra minutes in the Baby Jacuzzi after this episode. Whew!

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June 16, 2006

I'm Serious About Spaghetti

Mom made spaghetti for dinner the other night. I really enjoyed it.
16-June-2006 006 serious spaghetti.jpg
It takes a lot of concentration to get this messy.

I've been doing a lot of pointing too.
16-June-2006 011 spaghetti pointer.jpg
I'm not quite sure what I'm pointing at here, but I'm pretty impressed with my pointing skills.

Hmmm. What do we have here?
16-June-2006 012 spaghetti inspector.jpg
It appears that I have some sort of red saucy substance all over my hands.

This requires further investigation. Let's see what happens when I put my finger in my mouth.
16-June-2006 016 spaghetti fingers.jpg
Yep! It's spaghetti sauce, just as I suspected.

I spent a lot of time at the shop with Dad this week. I helped him run some errands and I also helped him sell some bicycles.
16-June-2006 023 decisions.jpg
I put just as much thought into recommending bicycles as I do into choosing which cracker to eat next.

Today it was really hot outside. Mom took me to the park so that I could hang out with some of my friends.
16-June-2006 029 bicycle.jpg
I had a lot of fun trying to ride this bicycle. I wonder if Dad would consider selling me a sweet ride like the one I'm checking out here?

I had a few introspective moments today in the grass.
16-June-2006 033 grass2.jpg
This is nice.

When I was finished contemplating my navel and other such things, I decided to crawl back over to Mom.
16-June-2006 037 grass.jpg
I had to adjust my crawling style since the grass really tickled my knees.

After the park, I went home and had a snack.
16-June-2006 040 teeth.jpg
Please be sure to check out my teeth in this photo. They're getting really big!

Now that I am one and over 20 pounds, I can ride facing forward in my carseat.
16-June-2006 046 carseat.jpg
I didn't mind riding backwards, but it sure is more fun now that I can see where I am going!

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June 7, 2006

Z is for Zoo

I went to the zoo last week.
June-01-2006 giraffe1.jpg
This is a giraffe. But you probably knew that.

And the flamingos.
June-01-2006 flamingo2.jpg
I really like to watch the flamingos.
June-01-2006 flamingo3.jpg
Evidently, all the animals in this zoo have really long necks.

Sometimes Mom and Dad put me in the Pack 'n' Play while they're getting meals ready in the kitchen.
June-01-2006 packnplay4.jpg
If I have enough toys in there with me, I can have a great time.

I learned that I can make funny faces by pressing against the mesh.
June-01-2006 packnplay5.jpg
It gets better.

How about this attractive mug?
June-01-2006 packnplay6.jpg
Hard to resist.

This one is my best.
June-01-2006 packnplay7.jpg
It took a couple tries to get this one just right.

The Pack 'n' Play is good for doing a lot of fun stuff.
June-01-2006 packnplay8.jpg
Even though it's sort of a little baby jail, it's not so bad.

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