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September 26, 2006

More Fun at the MN Children's Museum

I went to the MN Children's Museum last week with my mom and one of my buddies.
September-19-2006 ice fishing.jpg
We spent some time in the Habitot Room, where they have this neat pond. I didn't catch anything, but I checked out the fish. Pretty cool.

I also did some shopping at the museum.
September-19-2006 shopping1.jpg
I loved pushing this cart around the store. In fact, I'll push just about anything around as long as it has wheels. It's one of my favorite activities.

OK, time to check out.
September-19-2006 shopping2.jpg
Hmmmm. This would probably be a lot easier if I could actually see over the top of the cart.

After shopping, I did some gardening.
September-19-2006 gardening.jpg
Mostly I just pulled all the flowers out of the "dirt."

Then I put them back in the dirt.
September-19-2006 gardening2.jpg
Good times.

One of my favorite things to do at the museum is to visit Water Works.
September-19-2006 waterworkds.jpg
It looks like I'm performing some kind of magic in this picture, but I'm just a little excited by the water and the ping pong balls.

Well, that's all for today. Oh! Did I tell you my big news? I can walk by myself now! Before you get too excited, I can only take about two steps before I start laughing so hard I can't do any more. I can't help it. I'm just so impressed with my new skills.

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Just hanging around

Mom found me this chair at the Dollar Store. I've already got at least $1.06 worth of use out of it.
September-14-2006 chair1.jpg
I really like sitting in it. I feel like such a big girl.

Here I am just chillin'.
September-14-2006 chair2.jpg
Looking very stylish in my baby boot cut jeans and the doggy shirt, I might add.

Speaking of stylish, here's another fun outfit, courtesy of my Nanna.
September-17-2006 polka dots.jpg
I like how the polka dots remind me of ice cream.

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September 16, 2006

Swinging, Strolling, and Flying my Own Plane

Mom took me to the park yesterday.
September-14-2006 airplane1.jpg
I took this airplane out for a little spin. It looks like I'm going really fast, doesn't it?

I LOVE the swings.
September-14-2006 swing1.jpg
Few things in life excite me more than the swings at the park.

I laugh...
September-14-2006 swing2.jpg
Then I laugh some more...

Yep, still having fun over here...
September-14-2006 swing3.jpg
Did I mention that I LOVE swinging?

OK, what's next?
September-14-2006 crawling1.jpg
Watch out world, I'm on the move!

I spent a good portion of the afternoon pushing my stroller around the park.
September-14-2006 stroller.jpg
It's very good exercise. Plus, I can walk really fast!

Here's a video of me in action...

I hope you enjoyed it!

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The Chex Incident and Fun with Friends

These pictures are actually from a few weeks ago. I can't believe I forgot to post them!
August-30-2006 chex1.jpg
We were at the park with some friends and I found this bag of Chex Mix. I think I'll just pour myself a little handful. Uh oh....

This sure is a large pile of Chex Mix.
August-30-2006 chex2.jpg
Good thing my friend Bree was there to help me out.

Then we really got down to business.
August-30-2006 chex4.jpg
Turns out we both liked the little chocolate candies the best.

Here's Bree showing off her technique for cherry-picking all the good stuff from the pile.
August-30-2006 chex3.jpg
Don't worry, our moms stopped us before this got too out of control.

OK, now for some more recent pictures...

Mom and I went to the MN Landscape Arboretum with some friends earlier this week.
September-12-2006 e and g.jpg
They are having a scarecrow display. Here's me with my buddy Grace posing with some of the scarecrows. We're not actually scared of them, we just didn't feel like smiling.

Here's a nice picture of me and mom.
September-12-2006 e and mom.jpg
No problems smiling for the camera in this one!

I also went to the zoo again this week. I rode this tortoise statue.
Como Zoo 09-13-2006a turtle.jpg
I'm really starting to like the zoo a lot more now that I am learning the names of the animals. We didn't see any dogs, but I saw lots of things that I thought should have been dogs. Oh well, I'll get it right soon enough...

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September 5, 2006

Check out the new 'do

My mom's friend makes these really cute hair clips for babies. She sent me some for "testing" purposes.
September-05-2006 clip1.jpg
I think they work great! And they are very stylish too.

Oh, are you taking my picture?
September-05-2006 clip2.jpg
I guess I had better do some smiling then...

Here's a good one!
September-05-2006 clip3.jpg
If you look closely, you'll see my two front teeth are starting to come in.

I had to take a little break for lunch during the photo shoot.
September-05-2006 clip4.jpg
Being cute for the camera requires some nourishment.

You might think I'm being shy in this picture, but I'm not.
September-05-2006 clip5.jpg
I find this is the best way to get crackers from the table into my mouth. Mmmmmmm...

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Baby on a Stick

OK, so they don't actually have babies on a stick at the MN State Fair. But they sure do have a lot of other things on a stick at the fair! Corn dogs, Pronto Pups, Hot Dish, Meatballs, Eggs, and Pork Chops were just a few of the many items available for eating from a stick. Amazing!
September-05-2006 state fair1.jpg
I had a lot of fun looking at things from this vantage point. We saw a 1,000 pound pig named "Corn Dog" and lots of other animals. And, as I mentioned before, plenty of things on a stick.

We only spent half a day at the fair this year. We woke up very early and rode our bikes all the way to St. Paul. You get premium (and free!) parking if you ride your bike to the fair. My bike trailer sure is little compared to this enormous tractor.
September-05-2006 state fair2.jpg
Unfortunately we didn't get too many pictures of me at the fair this year. You'll just have to take my word for it when I say I had a pretty good time.

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Couch Potato in Training

I love sitting on the couch.
August-31-2006 couch potato.jpg
I need a little help climbing up, but once I'm there, it's quite comfy.

Don't worry though, my mom and dad only let me watch "educational" TV.
August-31-2006 couch potato2.jpg
No Montel Williams or even Oprah for this little couch potato. Besides, I prefer Sesame Street and whatever else happens to be on PBS.

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