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October 23, 2006

My new hat and fork

Hello fans, welcome to another edition of ESP.
October-23-2006 Elissa 1.jpg
Life is good. Nothing exciting really.

Except that my dad got me this wicked awesome cycling cap
October-23-2006 Elissa 2.jpg
It's the only hat I'll wear.

It's not always an easy hat to wear.
October-23-2006 Elissa 3.jpg
But I'm getting the hang of it.

I prefer to wear this hat as activewear.
October-23-2006 Elissa 4.jpg
It's a great hat to wear when I'm playing with my toys.

Whoa! Dad!
October-23-2006 Elissa 5.jpg
I think you blinded me with that flash!

Whew, my vision came back.
October-23-2006 Elissa 6.jpg
I'm trying to look cool here, without looking like I'm trying to look cool.

I forgot what I was doing in this picture.
October-23-2006 Elissa 7.jpg
But it's safe to say that I was concentrating very hard.

Yep, this is the hat for me.
October-23-2006 Elissa 8.jpg
Ask mom about how hard it is to get me to wear a different hat.

In other news, I've begun using tools.
October-23-2006 Elissa 9.jpg
Veggie Booty is technically a type of finger food, but this fork is a hoot.

With a little help from Dad, I can harpoon the Veggie Booty pieces on the fork.
October-23-2006 Elissa 10.jpg
It's a serious business.

October-23-2006 Elissa 11.jpg
Down the hatch!

This is one amazing device!
October-23-2006 Elissa 12.jpg
I may never touch my food with my fingers again!

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October 20, 2006

An Apple a Day Keeps the Doctor Away

Last weekend I went to the apple orchard and pumpkin patch with my parents.
IMG_0753 tractor1.JPG
I got to drive a tractor while I was there. It's a very serious job.

It was much more fun when I had my mom pushing me.
IMG_0764 tractor2.JPG
It's hard to go really fast when your feet don't quite reach the pedals.

I actually had a really good time at the orchard.
IMG_0787 grumpy.JPG
Not that you'd know it by this expression.

Once I was out in the wide open spaces of the pumpkin patch, I practiced my walking.
IMG_0802 walking1.JPG
I'm unstoppable!

Hey! What's that?
IMG_0815 walking2.JPG
I'm going to walk over and check it out.

I was so excited to be walking all by myself that I practically broke into a run.
IMG_0816 walking3.JPG
Look out! Here I come!

IMG_0817 walking4.JPG
That was fun, but my legs can't always keep up when I try and go that fast.

Aw, man....
IMG_0819 walking5.JPG
Enough of this walking around, let's go check out the pumpkins.

Another wipeout...
IMG_0823 pumpkin1.JPG
I'm not really sure how I ended up in this position.

IMG_0851 pumpkin2.JPG
This pumpkin is a lot heavier than it looks!

OK, I'm done trying to lift pumpkins.
IMG_0855 pumpkin3.JPG
It's much more fun to just look happy while in the pumpkin patch.

And here's one more cute one.
IMG_0862 pumpkin4.JPG
I like pumpkins quite a bit!

After all the fun in the pumpkin patch, we ventured out into the orchards to pick some apples.
IMG_0893 apple1.JPG
Dad was nice enough to let me help him sample this apple.

Then I picked out my very own apple.
IMG_0898 apple2.JPG
Gosh, where do I even start with this thing?

OK, let's see if I can do this...
IMG_0906 apple4.JPG
It's not as easy as you'd think...

Hey, not bad for someone that only has four teeth.
IMG_0905 apple3.JPG
Forget cutting apples into bite-sized pieces, I can do some pretty good damage to them whole!

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October 14, 2006

General Silliness

Hi there! How are you?
October-13-2006 bus 1.jpg
I really like playing with my school bus.

"Stop and go! Stop and go! Off to school, let's take it slow...."
October-13-2006 bus 2.jpg
Betcha didn't know that cow-pigs had to go to school too!

I still love to push this lawnmower toy around.
October-13-2006 impish smile.jpg
When I get tired, I stop and take a little break.

I really like this orange ball!
October-13-2006 ball.jpg
I'm going to throw it very far and that takes concentration.

I think the ball might need to go to school too.
October-13-2006 ball 2.jpg
Just in case you can't tell from this picture, I actually took a few more steps on my own.

Whenever Mom is in the playroom with me, I insist that she take off her shoes.
October-13-2006 shoes1.jpg
I really enjoy carrying them around.

Today I thought I would try them on.
October-13-2006 shoes3.jpg
Are you impressed with my fantastic gymnastic maneuvers?

Ah ha, this is more like it.
October-13-2006 shoes2.jpg
I think they're just the right size!

I also spend a lot of time yakking on my cell phone.
October-13-2006 yakking on the phone1.jpg
I'm actually multi-tasking and watching a little Sesame Street at the same time. That would explain the zombified look I'm sporting in this picture.

October-13-2006 yakking on the phone 2.jpg
When I'm done talking on my phone, it sure does make a great chew toy.

Well, that's all I've got for today. Tomorrow I'm off to the orchard with my mom and dad, so there will no doubt be plenty of pumpkin pictures posted sometime next week. I'm going to try and talk the parents into taking me on a hayride this year. It should be lots of fun!

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October 6, 2006

Working On My Walking

I've spent a lot of time practicing walking on my own this week.
October-6-2006 standing.jpg
As you can see, I'm very excited about standing up all by myself.

OK, I better concentrate on psyching myself up for some walking...
October-6-2006 tongue1.jpg
Notice the tongue. It always pops out when I'm concentrating really hard.

And here it is again...
October-6-2006 tongue2.jpg
I just took one step and I'm thinking very, very hard about taking another.

Then, of course, there's the tongue sticking out just for fun.
October-6-2006 tongue3.jpg
I promise I'm not being rude. I just like to stick out my tongue!

Here are a few more pictures of me in action:
October-6-2006 walking.jpg

October-6-2006 walking2.jpg

October-6-2006 walking3.jpg
I consider it a success when I can take 2 or 3 steps without collapsing in a fit of hysterical laughter. Third time's the charm!

Whew, this was a lot of work.
October-6-2006 very serious.jpg
I'll just sit here for a minute and contemplate trying it again tomorrow...

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