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November 30, 2006

Too busy for blogging...

First, I must apologize to my die-hard fans for such a long wait between entries.
November-29-2006 spoon4.jpg
Blogging has been very difficult as I've had a lot of activities on my social calendar this month. Between Thanksgiving, playgroups, swimming lessons, and my ECFE class, I've had a busy couple of weeks!

You've probably noticed that I'm sporting a spoon in these photos.
November-29-2006 spoon0.jpg
I have to say, I'm getting really good at getting food into my mouth with it!

I open my mouth waaaaay before the food even gets there.
November-29-2006 spoon1.jpg
It's much easier for the food to hit an open target.

Sometimes, though, I prefer to use my fingers in lieu of the spoon.
November-29-2006 spoon2.jpg
Mmmmm. This peach yogurt is delicious!

You know, I can't even remember what was so funny when this happened.
November-29-2006 spoon3.jpg
Whatever it was, it sure was hilarious!

Yep, I'm really getting good at this maneuver.
November-29-2006 spoon5.jpg
Are you impressed yet?

Now I'm just showing off.
November-29-2006 spoon6.jpg
In case you were wondering, those front teeth are two of my six teeth that are all the way out. I'm working on growing some molars, so I've been feeling a little crabby about it lately. I wish they'd just get here already so I can go back to being my usual delightful self.

Well, that's all I've got for this entry. Grandma's going to be here tomorrow, so I'm sure we'll take plenty of pictures over the weekend. Ta ta for now!

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November 16, 2006

A brisk day at the park

Good morning!
November-16-2006 Elissa switch1.jpg
Hold on a sec while I turn on the light.

There. Now we can see each other.
November-16-2006 Elissa switch2.jpg
What did you want to talk about?

Why yes my diaper needs to be changed.
November-16-2006 Elissa peek3.jpg
This is a good time for a game of peek-a-boo. Seriously, is there a better game than peek-a-boo? Alright, let's quit fooling around so we can go to the park.

I'm ready to go Mom!
November-16-2006 Elissa ready4.jpg
What? Am I forgetting something?

Of course! My handbag.
November-16-2006 Elissa handbag5.jpg
I keep my things in this bag. Wouldn't want to forget my things.

Ok, got it. Let's go.
November-16-2006 Elissa handbag6.jpg
What did I forget now!?

Ok, it's good to finally be on the road.
November-16-2006 Elissa mittens7.jpg
What in heaven's name is going on with my hands. Such an odd color.

Seriously, what the heck is this!
November-16-2006 Elissa mittens8.jpg

I modeled my hat for the photo shoot.
November-16-2006 Elissa hat9.jpg
But I don't really wear it in real life. Kinda like how Tiger Woods doesn't really drive a Buick.

Of course, no trip to the park is complete without the swings.
November-16-2006 Elissa legs10.jpg
I like to swing myself right out of the picture. Check out my legs.

Alright Mom. Ready to roll.
November-16-2006 Elissa stroll11.jpg
Hop in! I'll push.

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November 8, 2006

My Blue Balloon

Mom and I went to the grocery store the other day and I spotted this balloon before we even made it to the check out lane.
November-4-2006 ballon1.jpg
I was extra-good while the cashier scanned our groceries, so I was able to bring the ballon home with me. I was soooooo excited!

From that point on, I became obsessed with my blue balloon.
November-4-2006 balloon2.jpg
Every time I saw it floating in the living room, I had to go play with it. Balloon! Balloon! Balloon!

Oh dear.
November-4-2006 balloon3.jpg
It seems that my head has been replaced by this balloon. How silly is this?

Although my balloon and I had a lot of laughs together, we also had our serious moments.
November-4-2006 balloon4.jpg
My hair is also seriously static-y.

Oh no!
November-4-2006 balloon5.jpg
It escaped!

I've got it now!
November-4-2006 balloon6.jpg
Whew! I was worried for a second.

You might be wondering how my 18-month check-up went yesterday. I'm pleased to report that I am in perfect health. My doctor was very impressed with how much I have grown. She was also impressed with my extensive vocabulary. I can say more than 50 words! I now weigh 23 pounds, 1 ounce and I'm 31 inches tall. That's all for this edition! See you again soon!

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November 3, 2006

Hot (pink) Dog!

Well, despite my depressed expression in this photo, I really did enjoy Halloween this year.
October-27-2006 depressed doggie.jpg
As you can see, I went as a hot pink dog. (Daw!! Woof! Woof!)

I preferred it without the ears, so lots of people were confused about what I was supposed to be. Isn't it obvious that I'm a dog? I mean, check out the tail. That's not a bunny tail. Or a dragon tail. Or a dinosaur tail. I was a dog, people!
October-27-2006 tail2.jpg
I really enjoyed wearing my dog suit - I got to wear it to three different parties! Plus, I put it on a few more times at home just for fun. I was oddly fascinated by my hot pink dog suit.

OK, that's all I've got for Halloween pictures this year. Here are a few shots of me enjoying myself at the park with Dad last weekend:
October-30-2006 surprised.jpg
I'm not sure if I'm surprised or yawning in this particular photo.

I love going down the slide!
October-30-2006 slide.jpg
I can climb up to the top and slide down all by myself. Quite a feat for an almost-18-month-old, don'tcha think?

I found some itty bitty pinecones on the ground.
October-30-2006 pinecones.jpg
Checking them out and walking at the same time takes a lot of concentration!

Yes, I said walking. I walk pretty much everywhere now. It's a much better mode of transportation than crawling. Why didn't I think of this sooner?
October-30-2006 shadow.jpg
Anyway, this picture is pretty funny because my shadow looks like the shadow of a very tall, very thin person. Or maybe it's a baby on stilts. Hard to say.

Well, I'm afraid that's it for this edition of ESP. I've got a busy week coming up - going for my 18-month checkup (no shots!) and then I'm also going to get my 18-month photos done. Let's hope that I don' t have any more walking catastrophes between now and then...

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