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January 21, 2007

Cabin fever

Technical note: click on any of my pictures to see the full size version.

This time of year, I spend so much time in the house, things sometimes get a little nutty.
laundry basket 1.jpg
For example, I might hang out in a laundry basket.

Or I might wear my hat and mittens into the bathroom.
hat and mittens 2.jpg

I may even model a series of different hats.
This one is ravishing.

Or, one of my favorite indoor activities is to play the xylophone.
I can play Beethoven's entire catalog.

But sometimes I rock and roll!

Ok, enough of the xylophone.

How about if I put a bag on my head for a little while?
Where's Elissa? Where's Elissa?

Ha! Here I am!
You couldn't see me when I was in that bag could you?

Back into the bag for a stroll around the house.

Hmmm. Maybe I'll walk into the kitchen.

Whoops! I tripped.
But I guess that's what happens when a girl walks around with a bag on her head.

See you next time!

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January 9, 2007

Happy New Year!

Well, now that the new year is underway, it's time for me to get back to blogging. I can't believe I haven't blogged all year! I had a great trip to California, but now I'm back in Minnesota. I had a lot of fun visiting my relatives and wearing short sleeves. Here are some pictures from my vacation:

While I was in California, I had exclusive use of this very exciting hoggy (froggy) towel.
Hoggy Towel.jpg
Boy, did I get excited when it was time to dry off after a nice Baby Jacuzzi, er, I mean shower. I really like hoggies. Almost as much as I like shish (fish)!

My Great-Aunt Carol and Great-Uncle Jim had this toy that sang "We Wish You A Merry Christmas" every time you push a button. I have to admit that I really enjoyed pushing that button.
Wish You A Merry Christmas 2.jpg
Once that kitty and puppy started their singing and dancing routine, I was a captive audience. I made sure to make them show me their act at least a dozen times a day. I think everyone really appreciated that.

Here's what usually happened when I pushed that button - dancing!!
Christmas Dress.jpg
Notice my special Christmas outfit that my Nanna made especially for me. You can't tell from this picture, but it had nomey (snowman) buttons on the back. I kept pointing to the snowflakes and calling them stars.

I also had a lot of fun with this Christmas light headgear.
I don't know if this is the way it's supposed to go, but it works for me!

All that excitement and a girl is bound to get hungry.
I was really into apples while in California. Now that I finally have some teeth (10 at the last count-2 on the top, 4 on the bottom and 4 in the back), I can really sink them into this apple. Everyone was really impressed with how many apples I ate on my vacation.

While Mom and Dad were out seeing the sights in San Diego, I went to the ocean with Nanna and Grandpa and my great aunt and uncle.
Good thing this pelican was there to watch me because it doesn't appear that there are any other relatives in this photo.

I also spent some time visiting with my Great Grandpa on my trip.
Nanna and Great Grandpa.jpg
That's him on the left. The lady in the middle is my Nanna. The small fry on the right, of course, is me.

Grandpa and I also spent some time relaxing in his recliner.
Great Grandpa06.jpg
We were both pretty tired, so we just relaxed together until it was time for me to go.

While I was visiting with my Great Grandpa, I helped him pick up all the limes that had fallen of the tree in his back yard. He let me take two of them with me as a "Thank You" for all my hard work.
I was pretty tired after all that work, but no way was I going to let go of my limes!

I have plenty of other vacation photos, but this is all I have time for at the moment. I'll try to post a few more photos from my trip when I blog again. Meanwhile, it's back to the old grind for me now that my vacation is over. Tomorrow is my first day back at baby school after the winter break and I'm really excited to sing the "Choo Choo Song" and play with my friends. See ya later!

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