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May 28, 2007

The Great Outdoors

Well, it's summer in Minnesota, and my Mom and Dad and I have been playing outside a lot. Last week we went for a walk to a neighborhood restaurant, and then to the park. I checked out some sculpture.
start seeing sculpture

Today we went to the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum and looked at some pretty flowers. I tried out some of the benches.
elissa takes a break

I had a snack.
elissa having a snack
Just one quick correction. I have a fair complexion, but I'm not that white! I think my dad got the exposure wrong on his camera.

By the way, check out my pigtails!
come on dad!
I kept them in all day.

See you next time!

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May 14, 2007

My birthday extravaganza!

Here are some pictures from my birthday. It was generally a low-key affair. I had my friends over for the afternoon on the day before the big day.

Later, I enjoyed some of my birthday cupcakes.
birthday 1.jpg
Don't worry, I wasn't as sad as I looked.

birthday 2.jpg
Another year older doesn't bother me!

Ok, enough of that cupcake.
birthday 3.jpg
Shower me with gifts, please.

I really like playing with my new baby doll.
doll 1.jpg
Just trying to get the baby in the stroller just right.

Ok, this isn't working, stand up baby.
doll 2.jpg
Hmmm, better, but

Outta the way baby, I have to do something with this stroller...and these lovely shoes you have.
doll 3.jpg

Well that's all. Just think. I'll probably do close to 50 more entries before I turn 3. Hard to imagine. So long!

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ESP 100th entry

Hey this is the 100th post on my blog. Not bad, 100 posts in just over two years. Almost one per week! I've been busy, busy, busy. I turned 2 last week, but I tell my parents that my age is actually "18 months". When I want to be funny, I tell them that it's really "two months". Hilarious stuff.

I've been out exploring the city with Dad. Here I am hanging out where we took a break near a statue of Longfellow.
elissa's long hair

I checked out an old railroad track.
elissa explores the old tracks

Last weekend, we walked more than 10 miles to see the May Day parade. I walked a good chunk of it by myself.
elissa fights a stubborn headwind
It sure was windy!

At one point we went to Lake Hiawatha.

And to Fat Lorenzo's where I got to use the crayons on the tablecloth.
try a new color

Sometimes we just go to the park.
elissa at the park

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