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August 22, 2007

black and white vacation pictures

My dad took lots of black and white pictures of me on our recent vacation to northern Minnesota.

One thing we did a lot of is eat fudge. Here's me eating some fudge now.
elissa in duluth
Fudge makes me happy.
elissa in duluth

But it wasn't all fun and games. I got pretty tired walking out on the pier to the lighthouse in Duluth.
elissa at duluth lighthouse

I checked out an anchor for a really big boat.
elissa exploring a big anchor

We also did a lot of hiking. Here I am looking for a moose.
elissa looking for a moose
Didn't find any mooses, but dad and I picked some berries, which I promptly ate. Mmmm, berries.

It's pretty windy out by Lake Superior.
elissa in grand marais

It was a fun vacation. I can't wait to go on vacation again.

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