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October 28, 2007

Embarrassing photos

Hi everyone. I haven't been blogging much lately but I have a lot of good reasons for that. As many of you already know, my baby brother is going to be here in one week. Being a big sister is taking up a lot of my precious time. I've also been having a hard time finding nice photos of myself to share with all of you. This blog entry features several of my zanier moments. If I wasn't so busy being a goofball, perhaps there would be more time for blogging. Oh well. Enjoy!

Mom and Dad tell me that I'm going to end up poking my brain if I keep sticking my finger in m nose.
I'm not scared.

I like to pick my nose while getting ready to read stories with mom.
That's my baby brother in there, by the way. He's getting pretty big and I'm running out of room on Mom's lap these days.

I'm also quite the multi-tasker.
I'll have to find a way to destroy this picture before I start dating.

Most people think that pants are for your legs.
Not me!

I thought I would try on Mom's rubber gloves.
And yes folks, no pants in this picture either.

I happen to think that this pair of big girl undies makes a fabulous hat.
Just so you know, I'm taking credit if this trend takes off with other toddlers.

This weekend we went to the apple orchard, but since Dad took a bunch of pictures with his film camera, I don't have all of my photos ready for posting yet. I offered to help him develop them, but Mom says that I'm too young to play with his darkroom chemicals. I hope my orchard pictures will be worth the wait. See you again soon!

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