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December 24, 2007

Festive matching outfits!

elissa and oliver smiling
Merry Christmas from Elissa and Oliver!

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December 5, 2007

My new hair-do, more about the baby brother

While my Nanna and Grandpa were visiting a few weeks ago, I got my first haircut. Mom doesn't have the pictures of the whole haircut experience since Nanna was my paparazzi, but here are a few pictures of what I like to do with my new 'do:

Pretty, isn't it?

If I keep looking in that direction, I might be able to count them...

Here are the ponies in action.

Today my baby brother Oliver is one month old. He's growing pretty fast and we think he probably tips the scales at over 10 pounds these days. As a big sister, I really enjoy holding Oliver whenever Mom will let me. We had a great time hanging out together the other day and Mom even managed to take a few shots where we both looked semi-normal. We took turns ruining at least 80% of the photos that Mom took. Thank goodness for digital!

Here we are checking each other out.

I like to kiss my baby brother.

I can't help but wonder what Oliver is thinking in this one.

This one isn't my best smile, but if you look carefully, Oliver is kinda smiling too.

Here's a funny picture of Oliver hanging out on his boppy again.
He still sleeps a lot, but if we work at it we can catch him with his eyes open sometimes.

Oliver had his first playdate today with his buddy Kennan. Kennan is only 5 days younger than Oliver. They got along fabulously.
That's Kennan on the bottom. He has quite a head of hair on him, doesn't he?

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