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March 22, 2008

The Baby Brother is Getting BIG

Hold still Oliver, I just need to take a few measurements here.
measuring oliver1.JPG
First, I will measure your width.

Next, I will measure your length.
measuring oliver2.JPG
Very good, Oliver.

Any guesses for how big the baby brother is these days?
oliver tape measure.JPG
Oliver now weighs a whopping 19 pounds and 15 ounces. He's nearly 26 inches tall, er, long.

Oliver spends a lot of time working out in his elephant activity gym.
oliver gym.JPG
He especially likes to exercise his fingers and is getting very good at grabbing things.

Now that Oliver is too big for his baby carseat, he goes a lot of places with Mom in a baby sling.
elissa sling1.JPG
I asked Mom to make one for Baby Doll. Baby Doll likes to take naps in the sling.

Being hands-free is so liberating!
elissa sling2.JPG
Check it out, I can sing AND dance AND hold my Baby Doll all at the same time.

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I'm Quite a Photographer

I know a lot about photography for an almost-3-year-old. Sometimes my dad lets me push the button when he is taking pictures. I'm really good at this and I've been anxious to try out my mad photography skills on my own. The other day, Mom left her camera within my reach. I turned it on, pointed it at my face, said "Cheese!" and pushed the button. Behold, my self-portrait:
self portrait.JPG
Next time I will turn off the flash. I saw spots for quite awhile after this photo. Especially since I took about 10 of them.

Mom decided to give me some pointers and I'm pretty impressed with this one:
mom and oliver.JPG
Only took me three tries to get both Mom and Oliver in the frame together.

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