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April 26, 2008

What a Ham

Oliver really enjoys hamming it up for the camera.
Quite frankly, we're all a little worried about what is going to happen when he gets to expand his cuisine choices. A little rice cereal in your eye isn't too terrible, but sweet potatoes in the eye can't be good.

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April 21, 2008

Oliver Likes Food. A Lot.

Even though he's not quite six months old yet, Mom thought maybe Oliver would like to try some food. He's been trying to grab food off her plate for quite a while, so we dusted off my old high chair and Mom made him a lovely dish of rice cereal.
This is how the first bite went down. (By the way, I decided that he should wear the pink bib.)

After the first bite, Oliver was ready to take matters into his own hands.
He insisted on helping Mom with every bite.

Mom even let me have a turn feeding the Beeba (that's my pet name for him).
I was a little too slow for Oliver's liking, but I'm sure I'll get plenty more opportunities to feed him. It's a perk of being a big sister.

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Flower Princess and Blankie Boy

Now that I am nearly three years old, I pick out my own clothes and accessories.
flower crown 2.JPG
I think this look is quite stylish. I get a lot of compliments when we are out and about.

I am not a flower, I am a PRINCESS. The headpiece is my crown.
flower crown 1.JPG
And yes, I am wearing the tutu under the dress. I don't leave home without it.

In other news, Mom's friend Jenn knitted Oliver this really soft baby blanket.
He seems to like it. It made him pretty happy.

The true test is whether he can pull the blanket up over his head.
Whew, this blanket passes muster. Mom says thanks for including a ventilation system since this is Oliver's favorite way to sleep.

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It's Bicycling Season!

Now that it is practically the end of April, it's finally warm enough to get outside. Dad installed this spiffy new kid seat on the back of his bike.
elissa bike 3.jpg
I've taken it for a few spins. It is a pretty sweet ride.

This past weekend, Dad and Grandma took me for a tour of the Twin Cities.
elissa bike 1.jpg
We were gone all day. I had a great time.

Being a backseat driver, er rider, is not as easy as I make it look. When the going got tough, I had to be ready to offer Dad a lot of encouragement. I said things like "Faster!" and "Come on Dad, you can do it!"
elissa bike 2.jpg
I can't wait until the next bike ride.

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April 11, 2008

Just a typical day...

There really isn't too much to report on the blog these days. I'm just enjoying my last few weeks as a two-year-old.
I keep myself occupied by dressing up like Cinderella. And yes, this is exactly how Cinderella dresses when she heads to the ball. Isn't it a beautiful dress? And look! Glass slippers!

Scrub the floor! Do the sewing! Cook the dinner!
chef elissa.JPG
Yes, I take my job as Cinderella quite seriously. (Mom and Dad might call it an obsession.)

Oliver is doing well.
happy oliver couch.JPG
He's a jolly fellow.

He has recently mastered rolling over from his back to his front.
oliver tongue.JPG
As you can see, he is quite proud of his accomplishment.

Oliver is also quite a ladies' man.
babe magnet.JPG
I'm sure the ladies find this look hard to resist.

I like to hug and kiss my baby brother whenever the opportunity presents itself.
kiss from big sis.JPG
Oliver is a very good sport about the massive amount of affection he receives from me. I can't help it, I just love him.

Oliver gets a bath in the blue tub every night.
oliver bath concerned.JPG
Don't be fooled by the look of concern on his face. Bathtime is one of the highlights of Oliver's day.

He loves to watch the water pour out of a watering can.
oliver bath1.JPG
It's very serious business.

I also enjoy a nice soak in the tub each night.
nice serape.JPG
Nice serape!

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