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May 23, 2008

Beard of peas

Mom and Dad said that Oliver is too young for a beard of bees, so he'll have to settle for wearing a beard of peas for now:
Pretty impressive, isn't it?

It looks like I am taking a bite out of Oliver's head in this photo.
I'm not. I'm kissing him.

I am a pretty silly kid sometimes.
Did I say sometimes? I should have said all the time.

Oliver has his silly moments too.
silly oliver.JPG
He's especially fond of sticking his pointy little tongue out whenever he can.

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Oliver's Movie Debut

I like to jump. Oliver likes to crack up. Enjoy!

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May 5, 2008

Happy Birthday to Me!

My only requests were a white cake with polka dots, balloons, and birthday hats.
birthday hat.JPG
All of my birthday wishes came true!

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