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June 15, 2008

Fun in Florida

Oliver and I went to Florida to visit with our Nanna and Grandpa. I was quite the jet-setter.
I wore my Cinderella crown and everywhere I went, people exclaimed, "Look! It's a princess!"

Just in case there was any doubt, I was definitely a tourist.
Nanna kept trying to fold my socks down to a more appropriate height for 90-degree weather, but I wasn't having it.

Our friends Paula and Maddie came for a visit and Maddie and I couldn't wait to jump in the pool.
What are we waiting for?

I did a lot of swimming in Florida.
Grandpa took me swimming every night.

Sometimes Mom went swimming too.
I liked this little pool quite a bit.

Oliver also had a good time in the pool.
He likes to splash around and stick his face in the water.

Oliver also did some strolling on this vacation.
He had a good time.

We spent some time at the Children's Park.
There were so many fun things to do there, like ride this dinosaur.

The Florida heat wore poor Oliver right out.
Mom just folds him in half and puts him in the sling when he gets a little fussy. He is very flexible.

We went to see some marine animals at the Gulfarium.
The dolphins, sea lions, and fish were neat, but I really liked flying this helicopter.

Oliver enjoyed it too.
He really looks like he knows what he's doing, doesn't he?

Did I mention that I really liked flying this helicopter?
It sure was fun!

Oliver also took a turn on this motorcycle.
He looks like he might be kind of a daredevil. I think that Mom and Dad should probably be a little concerned.

I hope you enjoyed my Florida picture overload! I had a great time and can't wait to visit again!

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