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July 14, 2008

Fun in the sun

Summer is officially here and Oliver and I enjoyed some time out on the deck.
Wow, we're both looking at the camera at the same time! That doesn't happen very often.

Here Oliver, let me show you how this ladybug toy works.
Oliver, are you paying attention to me?

Oliver can sit up all by himself these days.
He can stay like this for a long time before he topples over.

I still have the ability to make him crack up like nobody else.
Jumping makes him laugh every time.

I spent a lot of time blowing bubbles out on the deck today.
After some lightheaded moments, I finally figured out the proper technique.

Check it out!
I caught one!

Oliver is really on the move now. He doesn't crawl, but he still manages to get himself into all kinds of interesting situations.
Unfortunately he has not figured out how to move forward yet. It won't be long before he's crawling on all fours.

I don't really nap much these days, but when I have a busy day I sometimes need a little siesta.
You can call me Sleeping Beauty, even though I'm wearing my Cinderella dress. Complete with duck slippers.

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Cleary he is NOT sleeping

Mom put Oliver to bed one night and instead of peacefully drifting off to sleep, he decided to crack up.

He's pretty easily amused.

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