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January 31, 2009

It's too cold for blogging.

At least that is our excuse for not updating more frequently this winter. Here are a few recent photos to tide you over until something more exciting happens:

This is how Oliver greeted Mom after one of his naps.

He is quite proud of himself for both the standing up part and the part where he pulled the hood up on his own.

Here I am modeling a pair of size 2T jammies that still fit, believe it or not.
I'm not sure how many more times I'll be able to wear these. They are starting to get a little snug.

One of Oliver's favorite activities is to go into the entry way and make a big mess.
We were impressed that he put the sling on correctly on the first try.

I thought you might enjoy seeing how I dress myself for preschool.
I'm known for my sense of style.

Oliver is pulling up all the time and is starting to cruise around the walls and furniture.
He's not so interested in trying to walk yet. We're pretty sure he can do it, he's just a little nervous about letting go with both hands.

Unfortunately this is about all we have for photos this month. I've asked Mom and Dad to try a little harder - I hope they'll listen this time.

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