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March 22, 2009

I was a California girl

I was so excited to escape the Minnesota winter and head for sunny Southern California for Great Grandpa's big bash. I told my Mom and Dad that I wanted to be a California girl as soon as I got a taste of that warm weather. We spent lots of time outside during our trip. Dad and I took a nice hike in the hills near Aunt Carol and Uncle Jim's house one afternoon.

Here I come.

There I go.

Oh no! Dad, I think we're lost!

Dad told me to try and look as mean and scary as this large cactus.
What do you think? Pretty menacing, huh?

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Family Pictures

We tried very hard to get some nice pictures of us with various family members while we were in California. It is a lot harder than one might think to get everyone looking at the camera with a semi-normal expression on their faces.

Unfortunately, this is the best of the bunch:

Great Grandpa had to break out Uncle Scott's new golf hat to keep Oliver entertained. It worked.

For a little bit, at least...

I was not feeling very cooperative either, but we did manage to get this nice picture with me, Great Grandpa and Meg.

Where was Oliver during this, you ask?

When he wasn't busy crawling away, he was doing stuff like this:

We also attempted some pictures with Nanna. Oliver sure found that hilarious.
Nanna, I hope you have some better ones on your camera!

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Happy Birthday, Great Grandpa!

We traveled to California last week to celebrate my Great Grandpa's 90th birthday. Here's the birthday boy himself:

We had a lot of fun at his big bash. There were all sorts of relatives and friends in attendance.
We're a silly bunch.

Oliver had a nice time hanging out with both his regular Grandpa and his Great Grandpa.

He also enjoyed hanging out with Mom.
We all liked his spiffy new bicycle shirt, especially Dad.

Oliver was very serious when it was time to devour the cake.
More California pictures coming soon!

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