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April 15, 2009

The Big Dummy

Dad rigged up a set of handlebars on the back of his Big Dummy and we took it for a spin the other day.
It was a little bit on the cool side, but we're tough in Minnesota. A warm pair of mittens and we're ready to go. We're going to ask Mom to make a seat cushion so that I can ride in both comfort and style.

And we're off!
See ya later!

Posted by thil0020 at 11:17 AM

Oh, Oliver

Oliver has been learning to feed himself with a spoon recently.

Believe it or not, he does manage to get a lot of the food into his mouth.

Oliver prefers to use the wrong end of the spoon.

It takes a little more concentration this way, but the end result is that the food still gets to the same place.

Time for another bite...

We're all a little bit confused about how a baby that can do this....
still won't walk more than a few steps on his own.

Posted by thil0020 at 11:03 AM