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July 13, 2009

A little afternoon art

Today after lunchtime (and a stripdown for Oliver due to a PBJ incident), we did some art on our double-sided easel.
Thumbnail image for IMG_0968.jpgOliver got to work on his side.

And this is me on my side.
IMG_0971.jpgOur painting styles are a little bit different.

This next photo accurately illustrates our differences in technique:
IMG_0988.jpgOliver is about enthusiasm, I'm about precision.

Oliver thought I might give him a few pointers.
IMG_0978.jpgThis is how I check my hands for proper distribution of the four fingerpaint colors.

Oliver enjoyed posing near his masterpiece.
IMG_0982.jpgTurns out he put as much paint on his body as he did on his newsprint.

Then he decided to charge the camera.
IMG_0983.jpgYou'd be surprised at how fast my mom can move when there is a paint-covered toddler coming right at her.

I have a little more restraint and just showed off my messy hands.
IMG_0985.jpgImpressive, no?

And finally, my own pièce de résistance.
IMG_0990.jpgI call it "Handprints of Many Colors."

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Oliver vs. PBJ

Oliver likes a good PBJ sandwich.

Oh my!
IMG_0894.jpgHow embarrassing to be covered in peanut butter!

Are you ready for round 2? Or round 4?
IMG_0954.jpgThis is how Oliver says cheese.

Here's a sneak peek at Oliver's new molars.
IMG_0955.jpgAnd some peanut butter.

Take that, peanut butter sandwich!
IMG_0956.jpgOliver will defeat you tomorrow as well!

I am much neater about eating my peanut butter sandwiches and am usually photo-ready after a quick wash of the hands.
IMG_0961.jpgThat's all for now!

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