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December 24, 2009

Happy Holidays!

Another year, another set of coordinating Christmas jammies....
Christmas 2009-rs.jpg

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December 10, 2009

Tummy time

We don't want Lucy to get a flat head, so she gets a little tummy time each day.

Sometimes she isn't quite sure what to think about tummy time.


Mmmmm, this boppy is very tasty.

If you're wondering why Lucy has such rosy cheeks, it is because she is obsessed with getting her thumb in her mouth and the learning process is pretty slobbery. Occasionally she sticks a thumb or finger in her eye or nose. Sometimes the wrong finger in the mouth makes her gag. She's now at about 98% accuracy with the insertion of the thumb into the mouth. She likes both of her thumbs but the left one is starting to emerge as the favorite, hence the very rosy left side of her face.

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Brotherly and sisterly love

Even though we fight a lot, Oliver and I have our moments.
IMG_1550.jpgWhen Oliver is tired, he grabs his sleeping equipment (a nuk and no fewer than three blankets) and builds himself a little nest. I offered to read him a story and he accepted.

I am also teaching Lucy how to use the iPhone to watch cooking videos on YouTube.
IMG_1592.jpgShe seems a little overwhelmed by the technology.

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December 8, 2009

Lucy's Blanket Modeling Portfolio

Lovely white satin blankie from the Joneses:

Crocheted blankie from Dottie:

Colorful quilt from Trudi and Tim:

Who says the third child never has any baby photos? Turns out that Lucy is the only one that will sit still long enough to take a decent picture, therefore her cute little mug is featured heavily in these last few installments.

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More Lucy pictures

Random sampling of pictures from September 2009:




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A typical group photo

We clearly need more practice posing for pictures as a group.

Oh dear.

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A sampling of Oliver's mishaps

We're in catch-up mode on the old blog....

A few days before Lucy was born, Oliver fell in the bathtub and chipped his front tooth:

You may recall that a few weeks later, he split his eyebrow open and got some stitches. This was right before he had to go to the doctor to get them removed. He is happy because he didn't realize that he was going to get Velcroed to a board yet.

He survived the industrial strength Velcro and is now sporting this beauty of a scar:
Actually, wearing a helmet at all times isn't a bad idea...

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