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February 11, 2010

Exersaucing 3.0

Lucy is finally big enough to try out the family Exersaucer.
lucy exersaucer1.jpgApparently she was a little stunned by the sensory experience.

We tried again the next day. Still stunned.
lucy exersaucer 2.jpg

Maybe a little bored.
lucy exersaucer 6.jpg

And perhaps perplexed.
lucy exersaucer 5.jpg

Please get me out of this contraption.
lucy exersaucer 7.jpg

What the heck do you do with this thing?
lucy exersaucer 8.jpg

Oooooh, now I get it.
lucy exersaucer 3.jpg

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Silly siblings

Lucy enjoys hanging out on a blanket.
lucy laughing.jpgWhat's so funny, Lucy?

When you get up at the crack of dawn, sometimes the urge for a nap hits at the oddest times.
Oliver bathroom.jpgOliver likes to grab all of his sleeping equipment (no fewer than four blankets, one nuk and "MY dog!") so he can build himself a cozy little nest. Even the tile bathroom floor is pretty comfortable with this arrangement.

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This is what we look like this week

Cheesy grin!
lucy stripes 2.jpg

Close to the camera!
oliver close up.jpg

Cute pose!

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