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March 16, 2010

Lucy 1, Sweet Potatoes 0

Lucy experienced sweet potatoes for the first time today.
lucy vs sp5.jpg

She is serious about sweet potatoes.
lucy vs sp2.jpg

Here she plots her next move.
lucy vs sp4.jpg

Sweet potatoes, you have met your match.
lucy vs sp3.jpg

Sweet potatoes? Sweet victory!
lucy vs sp6.jpg

Who is brave enough to face her next? Avocado? Banana? Pears?
lucy vs sp1.jpg

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March 13, 2010

Lucy's First Food

Lucy is a bit of a pipsqueak. Mom has been working on fattening her up for the last month after she had some issues gaining weight. After dropping off the charts, she is now back into the 5th percentile, weighing in at a whopping 13 lbs and 4 ounces. She is now 24 inches tall, which is also pretty small for her age. Lucy also celebrated a half-birthday recently, which means she gets to start eating lots of different purees. Like her siblings before her, Lucy started out with a little bit of rice cereal.

It was shocking.
food 1.jpg

And a little bit messy.
food 2.jpg

Her hand is much more interesting.
food 3.jpg

Look who captured the spoon!
food 4.jpg

Who needs a spoon when you can eat the cereal directly off your messy hand?
food 5.jpg

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Lately, Oliver has been getting himself into some real predicaments.
stuck 2.jpg
We're not entirely sure how he got into this position.

He also managed to get himself stuck in Lucy's Exersaucer.
oliver stuck.jpg
Turns out that if you put both legs through the same hole, it is very difficult to extract yourself. Yes, that diaper is hot pink. Yes, he likes it. No, we're not worried that it will affect his masculinity.

The Exersaucer is much more fun if you use it properly.
happy exersaucing.jpg

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Rare sighting

Here is something you don't see everyday. All three of us in the same frame!

all three 3.jpg

all three 1.jpg

all three 2.jpg

all three 4.jpg

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Sometimes getting up at the crack of dawn means that we can't make it through the afternoon.

Oliver ended up like this by the end of that nap:
oliver nap.jpg

Seems that couch naps happen frequently around here.
oliver sleeping.jpg
Before passing out in an upright position, Oliver got a hold of an orange marker and decorated himself a bit.

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Lucy Au Naturel

Lucy got to have a little nakey time the other day. It is just as important as tummy time, perhaps more so since it allows her little bum to air out.
lucy nakey time 2.jpg

Turns out that nakey time can be lots of fun.
lucy nakey time1.jpg

Nakey time also gives one access to one's toes.
lucy toes 1.jpg

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