June 18, 2005

Great Resource for Event Planning

If you go to http://www.diversitycouncil.org/PDF_files/2005_Calendar.pdf
you can download a great calendar that lists almost all holidays and other significant multi-cultural dates. This can be a great help in making sure you don't accidentally schedule something on a major holiday.

The parent web site for this calendar,http://www.diversitycouncil.org/ is also a great resource for folks. They have a lot of great resources plus they are based in our own Rochester, Minnesota!

I have emailed them to ask when their 2006 calendar will be available and will pass on the information as soon as it's available!.

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June 5, 2005

AA grant information

OK Folks ...

since you elected me I have not been lounging about. I spoke with our new Chair, Brian Melendez, and he assured me that we hace AT LEAST $10,000 for grants and we can get started on that process.

So, I am uploading copies of DRAFTS of a grant form and policy. Please review them and post comments.

DRAFT Grant Form Download file

DRAFT Grant Policy Download file

Posted by thom0286 at 10:50 PM