February 16, 2006

Non-Working/Non-Exiistant Machines

HHH Building - West Bank. There are machines in the women's bathrooms on the first and ground floor but they are busted up and not operational.

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Working Machines

I don't have any right now. Please post locations you are aware of with working machines

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Operation OB (Again)

So, when I was an Undergraduate the last project I had with University Young Women was what we called "Operation OB". It was a project to identify where there were and were not operation tampon/napkin dispensers on campus. It was one of the most bizarrely successful campaigns. I swear we had whole offices of women sending information into us. Keep in mind this was just before email came onto campus and this information was called, mailed and walked into the office!

So, why am I writing about this? Well, it appears that there really has been no improvement on campus in the availability of working "feminine hygiene" machines on campus. Sure, you can find free condoms fairly easily but not tampons! (and if you use the former you will need the latter!).

So, I thought I would try to find a purpose for this blog and invite women across campus to use this as a forum to post information about where there are and are not working tampon/napkin machines on campus.

Since this is my forst real effort at drawing traffic into this site I will need to kind-of make the "rules" up as we go. The first one, I suppose, is that I expect civility and good manners in your postings. I will start blog entries labeld "Working Machines" and "Non-Working/Non-Existant Machines" where people can enter the locations.

Thanks and I can't wait to see how this works!!

Posted by thom0286 at 9:24 AM