December 19, 2005

I Need Employment!!

Friday was my last day with Greater Twin Cities United Way (the position was a temporary one for the Fall) and that means I am wonderfully unemployed again. So, if anyone knows of anything that might fit my qualifications I would appreciate a heads up. I am posting the latest version of my resume here, feel free to pass it about if you want.

In terms of what I am looking for .... something in non-profit management would be my first choice but I am open to any bright ideas. If you read my resume and know of something that would be a great fit with my skills let me know. The resume is pretty broad.

I would like something that has some flexibility at least through May of 2006, enough to allow me to attend the one daytime class I am registered for. Keep in mind that the class is "Financial Management of Nonprofits" and I would hopefully be applying the things I learn in the class to any position I may be in.

And I am also open to doing the tax thing again too.

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Posted by thom0286 at 7:11 AM