December 19, 2005

A Ramble about Finals and Computers

So, I may be somewhat goofy right now. I am trying my damndest to understand Microeconomics and it ain't working. But, my mind has just been distracted in a major way by the fact that I checked my email and have yet another freaking "your IP was Logged" email with a file attached. In other words, someone affiliated with HHH whose computer is infected with a virus has not yet figured out how to get it off and it continues to spam us with the freaking virus.

Now mind you this is merely an annoyance to me for two reasons: 1) I am not so stupid as to open, and; 2) I have a Mac computer. I looked on the Symantec website and I couldn't event find a recent virus alert for Macs on it.

Anyway, will someone please explain to me how someone who is apparently bright enough to be affiliated with this great school cannot figure out how to download the freaking free anti-virus software through the U, install it and get rid this freaking virus?!?!

Enough ranting for now .... back to pretending I am even going to come remotely close to passing this class.

Posted by thom0286 at 7:01 AM