November 27, 2006

About Me

This is my first blog ever, so bear with me. I am doing this for the online class BA 1001. I came to the University of Minesota because the Carlson School of Management is a very good school and for the money, you can't beat it. Being from Wisconsin, the reciprocity helps a lot. I also came here because it is the perfect distance from home. At 5 hours, it is not to close and not too far. One thing I wish was different here, though, is the sports. The football and basketball teams are terrible. My college experience would be so much better if I could enjoy watching our team win once in a while. The only times I wish I would have choose Wisconsin over Minnesota is while watching/thinking about our basketball and football teams. In highschool, we had awesome teams and some of my best memories from highschool are either playing on the teams or cheering them on. That is not going to happen here, however.

Some of my hobbies include playing basketball, football, and ultimate frisbee, watching movies, listening to music, playing xbox360, and hanging out with friends. I also try to go to church as much as I can, and attempt to read a little. Well, that should do it for this blog. later.