September 28, 2006


OK, like I need another place to blog ... but I figure it's better than actually doing homework or studying. This can be my studious blog and I will refrain from writing about bodybuilding and dieting for contests (as much as possible anyway). Note the book theme. A-hem!

Well, school is going OK ... but I don't feel like studying ... is this a problem? Just kidding.

I just got out of my health behaviors class -- my favorite! We are writing four papers this semester, and we got to choose the topic. I am writing about how fitness professionals can help decrease child obesity risks/rates. How awesome is that? The professor is a pediatrician and he is one of my more animated professors. My other two main classes are Epidemiology and Biiostats -- math, of all things! I never thought I would take another math class in my life ... however, I have to admit I am digging all these long equations we are using with symbols like "mean," which is a X with a line over it. How do you like that.

OK, I feel like studying now and I have an epi (that's what we call epidemiology, how cute, huh?) lab to finish.