iPhone 5 to Come This Summer?

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While Apple may pride itself on keeping its new devices secret until the time of release, an employee of the iPhone production plant Foxconn is a bit more forthcoming in information.

Production is about to begin on the iPhone 5 which, given Apple's normal habits, is most likely due for a summer release, the Washington Post reported.

Two prototypes for the phone design are laid out in the Foxconn factory, and both are quite different from current iPhone designs. Both have a screen of at least 4" wide (the current screen is 3.5") and both samples are symmetrical in thickness, going against previous rumors of a teardrop design, reported 9to5Mac.

The launch of a new model less than a year after the release of the iPhone 4S may put a major hold on sales, but it is likely that Apple is anxious to release a phone with 4G capabilities to keep up with their Windows and Android competitors. Some even go so far as to argue that the iPhone 5 could be called the iPhone 4G, Digital Trends reported.

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