25 Suspected Anonymous Hackers Arrested

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Interpol arrested 25 suspected members of Anonymous Wednesday as part of "Operation Unmask", an initiative launched mid-February after Anonymous members claimed credit for denial of service attacks on the Colombian Ministry of Defense and Chile's National Library, the Washington Post reported. The suspects range in age from 17 to 40, the Washington Post reported.

Anonymous, in retaliation, managed to take down Interpol's own website briefly, and though it is now back up, it is "loading slowly", reported the World & Guardian Online.

Cole Stryker, an author who has researched the movement, thinks it unlikely that all -- if any -- of those arrested are actually at the center of the organization. "Anonymous is a handful of geniuses surrounded by a legion of idiots," Stryker told the New York Times. "You have four or five guys who really know what they're doing and are able to pull off some of the more serious hacks, and then thousands of people spreading the word, or turning their computers over to participate in a DDoS attack."

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