Conservative Indian parliament officials resign over pornography scandal

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Three Indian Politicians from the ruling morally conservative Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), including a women's affairs minister, resigned Wednesday after being caught on tape looking at pornography on a phone while sitting in state assembly, the National Post reports.

The ministers denied they were watching porn, but resigned to save their party from embarrassment, USA Today reported. They said that they were watching a foreign rave party scene sent to them to explain what 'rave party' meant, since it had been mentioned earlier in the assembly, Savadi told USA Today.

Renuka Chowdhary, a member of the Congress Party and former federal minister for women's development, used the incident to showcase an ongoing problem in what she sees as a patriarchal Indian society, where she told The Telegraph that women are largely seen as disposable commodities.

"It is really troubling that the people who are in positions of power and have the responsibility to change things actually have the same mindset and are busy watching porn," she told the CNN-IBN news channel, as quoted in The Telegraph.

One of the politicians, C.C. Patil, has requested that the Speaker of the House conduct an inquiry, and that it would surely find them innocent, reported Reuters.

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