U.N. Inspection of Nuclear Plant in Iran is Blocked

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A statement released by the International Atomic Energy Agency early Wednesday said that Iran refused an IAEA request for access to a site where the agency suspects explosives testing related to a nuclear weapon took place, USA Today reported.

For the second time in recent weeks, IAEA inspectors were sent from Iran after talks failed to go through, leaving most of the international community deeply unsettled, the New York Times reported.

IAEA inspectors were most interested in examining the Parchin site, south of Tehran, where it is suspected that explosives related to nuclear weapons may have been tested in recent years, BBC reported.

Iran claims that their nuclear endeavors are peaceful, and strictly limited to providing electrical power, the New York Times reported. In the past, Iran had said the team of inspectors could visit any nuclear-related location, but it now claims that Parchin is a military base and is off limits, the New York Times reported.

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