Violence in Syria Surges in Damascus

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Violence in Syria has surged in the past 48 hours, particularly in previously untouched, upscale areas such as the al-Mazzeh neighborhood in the capital of Damascus, CNN reported. The neighborhood housed various security buildings embassies, and some of the president's inner circle, CNN reported.

This comes just two days after a large attack in Damascus on Saturday, where two suicide car bombers detonated explosives near two important government buildings, killing 29 civilians and security personnel and wounding 140 others, CapitalFM reported. The Syrian administration calls this yet another example of proof of their claim that the rebels are nothing more than terrorists, while the rebels maintain that they did not orchestrate that attack, rather, that the administration sent the suicide bombers to kill their own supporters and frame the rebels to gather more support, CNN reported.

Even Russia, Assad's longtime ally in the UN, has urged both Assad and the rebels to agree to daily truces, so as to allow international Red Cross workers into the war zones to provide needed aid to civilians, the Montreal Gazette reported.

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