Google Glasses: New Innovation or PR Stunt?

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Google released a concept video Wednesday outlining "Project Glass", or Google's efforts to create Terminator-style glasses with an augmented reality hub, PC Mag reported.

The video made it seem like the wearer could pull up quick tasks lists, check the weather, send messages to their Google Plus friends, and use Google maps with a "snappy, icon-driven directional system", PC Mag reported.

However, the accompanying pictures showed that the "glasses" weren't really glasses at all, instead consisting of small rectangular pieces of glass hovering over the wearer's right eye, Wired reported.

Judging by the pictures, there is no way that the glasses could deliver the sort of experience Google outlined in their promotional video, MIT Media Lab researcher Pranav Minstry told Wired magazine. The director of the Augmented Environments Lab at Georgia Tech, Blaire McIntyre, agreed with him, telling Wired, "The small field of view, and placement off to the side, would result in an experience where the content is rarely on the display and hard to discover and interact with."

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