Medical treatments make people feel more safety?


Hieu Nguyen

The people today are very concern about science and technology has been going too far when they create a lot of medicals and using bacteria or chemical in the foods. But I think I will feel more safety when we have vaccinated in the hospital than if I am sick and don't have any vaccinate or any medical treatment. When I go to doctor for  treatment, it is the best way to ask more about the medical that he give me, I usually want to know is there any negative affect when I am using this treatment?

 Even though, I know some of the medical treatment will be affect us in some way but If we really need it to safe our life I will accept it, and not against it. For example, the treatment of cancer will make the patient losing hair, High blood pressure medical treatment that may cause leg swell. Thinking about the cause and affects the medical may cause you to losing hair, or leg swell but the affect you will get better, or live longer.

Thinking about vaccinate, when you go to clinic and asking for the flu vaccinate, what is vaccinate? Is it a medical?  That is just the way of using bacterial to enter to your body in order to prevent you from getting really sick when a strong flu bacteria attack your body. Not all of bacteria are harmful to us; some kind of bacteria still can help us to prevent some of the symptoms before the symptoms become worst.

 Even though, the population of bacterial grow very fast, and can be harmful to us, the article germs of life that we discuss today talk about the fearing of bacteria but I think if the science know how to use bacteria and turn them to helpful organism, be able to control them and don't make them become harmful to the world, I think bacteria is helpful to us in some way.


Of course bacteria has a place in our world. It has been here much longer then any human and they will be here long after we are gone. I don't think that we should get all bent out of shape about bacteria in any way. I don't normally get vaccinated unless it is required by school or some other organization. My family does get vaccinated. Somehow they still get sick and I normally don't get sick. This raises the question of how are you living your life. Everyone will get sick, but not everyone needs vaccines in order to be healthy. Just live a life that is clean and healthy and your chances of becoming sick are much less and you don't need a vaccine.

I would also like to know what the effects are of something that my doctor suggests I have or take, but I do think there is a potential risk with having too many preventative treatments. I think that our body builds up immunity and the preventative treatments will no longer be affective one day. I believe that bacteria plays a crucial role in our lives. My mom is a nurse, and every year she gets a flu shot except one. The one year she did not get a flu shot, my dad, brother, and myself all got sick. I don't quite know why, but maybe it is because we hadn't been exposed to that type of bacteria before (if it was different at all). All I know is that I rarely get sick, and I am around people I know and people I don't all day. I like to think I have built up my immune system, but I just don't know if that is true.

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