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It is unbelievable how much we have learned in this semester thus far. The food unit is the most interesting unit that I personally learned a lot from. Since we have many farmers in our class, it was also very interesting to see their perspectives as well as how they feel about different arguments posed by the authors. From Pollen's chapters, we learned about corn, and artificial sweeteners. From Taubes' chapters, we learned about obesity in the U.S. and how so many people have illnesses such as heart disease, kidney disease, diabetes, and cancer. From the "Let Them Eat Fat" article, we learned how traditional diets are being replaced by processed, high-fat diets and so on.

The reading that interested me the most however, was the "Let Them Eat Fat" article that we read recently. It is true that two thirds of Americans are considered overweight or obese. Meaning they have a BMI- Body Mass Index between 25-29.9 if they are overweight and BMI of 30 and more if they are obese. Since I am taking a nutrition class as well this semester, it helped me to better see what is going on in this world, and what different food options people are making. In this article, the author mentions that traditional diets are being replaced by processed high-fat diets, and therefore this is leading to obesity, and illnesses such as diabetes and heart diseases.

I remember when I lived in Ukraine. We never had obese or overweight people. Of course there were few, but not like here in America. It seems that wherever you go, you see people that can barely move, or need equipment to help them get around. This is a very serious issue! Perhaps the food choices that people make in America have to do something with their health? People are used to fast food, and frozen foods that are microwavable and are ready within ten minutes. What happened to cooking at home? A normal meal takes about an hour to prepare. Yet many people decide to save time, and instead go to fast food chains and have their meal ready within seconds, never realizing how dangerous that food is for their health.

Also when discussing these issues in class, I realized how wasteful Americans are. They throw away leftovers and make poor health choices. They never realize how thankful they must be for what they have, since other countries may not even have bread or clean water to drink. Americans must appreciate things in life, and not waste food.





The obesity epidemic is really an issue in America. Some of the people in America cannot stay away from unhealthy foods long enough to see the benefits of losing weight. People that are over weight wonder why they need knee or hip replacements, it's because their joints can't handle all the extra weight. There are going to be increasing numbers in health problems related to obesity in the next few decades until more of the population's weight is under control.

Your right, it simply can’t be denied. American’s are wasteful and amongst the fattest people in the world. The fast-paced lifestyle that we are going through allows for this to occur. the reality is, it really doesn’t take that long to cook a meal at home, in fact, a friend of mine cooks a storm during the weekend and packages it for herself during the course of the week. Instead of eating out, she feasts on healthy food that that she cooks herself – this discourages her from purchasing unhealthy options elsewhere.


I like your viewpoint on American diet by comparing it to a different country, it helps to reinforce the issues of American health. Everywhere we look things are becoming faster and more efficient, computers, phones, mp3s, travel, etc, so why not food as well. I believe that this craze for technological convenience may have also flowed into how we view food. The more efficient and easily accessible food the better, and therefore in this fast paced society, making healthy foods is a waste of time because we don't have the time. Although we create all these appliances to make life more efficient it seems that there is even less free-time then before and eating meals is the same way, for the sake of time efficiency, health is going down the drain.

Your right, it just seems like things are getting worse. People are sacrificing there health in order to get save some time, but what people don't realize is that by eating unhealthy they are shortening their lives in the long run. They think they are saving time,money-but what about time,money spend going to the doctors when you become sick? The fast-food companies realize we don't have time and they are capitalizing on in it. We as a society need to slow down and stop going to fast food places.

It is undeniable that America's obesity epidemic is directly related to their fast meals. Saving time at the drive through can cause us to spend a lot more time at the waiting room at the doctor's office in the future. Our culture is increasing its speed, not decreasing. It seems every year our jobs, school work, and families get more demanding and the less time we spend cooking over the stove. So will being overweight and suffering repeated heart attacks simply become a regular way of life?

I agree that an issue in America is that people do not take the time to cook a healthy meal and instead eat fast food to save time because of their hectic schedules. This results in obesity, which is more common in the United States than any other country in the world. I spent some time in Spain a couple of years ago, and it amazed me how much time they put into preparing their food and home much healthier it is. I agree that habits need to be changed to fix people's health in our country.

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