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Earthquake in Indonesia

By Taryn Thomas

       An earthquake in Indonesia killed at least 200 people Wednesday evening, The New York Times reported.
       An earthquake with the magnitude of 7.6 stuck the island of Sumatra in Indonesia, CNN reported. 
     Along with the deaths there are many injuries and many destroyed villages around the island.
     This country frequently has earthquakes and is at high risk being so close to the world's most active fault lines.
     According to The New York Times, the National Disaster Management Agency said the death toll will almost certainly increase because many people are still trapped in the rubble of buildings. 

'Jon & Kate Plus Eight' minus Jon

By Taryn Thomas

     The TLC network announced Tuesday that their show 'Jon & Kate Plus Eight' will continue in November as 'Kate Plus Eight', USA TODAY reported.
     It was questionable if the show would continue after the recent separation of Jon and Kate Gosselin. Now TLC has confirmed that the show will continue and focus on Kate and her eight kids and being a single mother.
    There has been a lot in the media lately about the couple's breakup.
     CNN reported that TLC President Eileen O'Neill said that Jon Gosselin will still appear on the show but not as often. 

Chicago student beat to death

By Taryn Thomas

     A Chicago teenager was beaten to death Thursday while walking home from school.
    Derrion Alberts, 16, was walking home from school on the South Side of Chicago when a gang fight occurred. Albert was "a bystander" and did not belong to either group, Assistant Cook County State's Attorney Jodi Peterson said in court, USA TODAY reported.
     Prosecutors have charged three teenagers in the beating of Albert. They are being held on first-degree murder charges.
     The state's attorney's office spokesman Andy Conklin told KARE 11 that the teens were charged Monday as adults. 

Anoka-Hennepin closes 8 schools

By Taryn Thomas

       The Anoka- Hennepin school district board voted Monday night to close 8 schools due to a decline in enrollment.
      According to KARE 11 Anoka-Hennepin has 2,000 fewer students than it did five years ago. A drop in the birth rate and the aging population in certain neighborhoods are factors that have caused the drop in enrollment, KSTP reported. 
     This is a rare vote though because according to KARE 11 the district has not closed any schools since the 1950s. 

Two Gopher football players suspended

By Taryn Thomas

     Two Gopher football players are suspended from the next two games for violation of team rules, University of Minnesota football coach Tim Brewster said to KARE 11.
     Cedric Mckinley, starting defensive end, and Tim Dandridge, backup defensive back, will not be playing in the next two games against Wisconsin and Purdue. 
     This suspension along with last weeks injury to Mike Rallis will leave the Gophers lacking behind starting safeties Kim Royston and Kyle Theret, reported The Star Tribune.  
    Brewster and the players were unavailable for further comments and the news did not state specifically what rule they are accused of violating. 

Analysis: 5 U.S. troops killed in Afghanistan attacks

By Taryn Thomas

   This article in USA TODAY is attributed well. There are three sources used and they are all named. 
   Two of the sources are clustered in the second paragraph and the third is near the end of article.
   All of the information is from people. All are from people with authority.
   The attributions are set up different ways each time. The reporter starts with the information then attributes but also starts with the attribution and then lists the information.

5 Americans killed in Afghanistan

By Taryn Thomas

     Four American soldiers and a Marine were attacked and killed Thursday in Afghanistan.
     The four soldiers were killed in the Zabul province. Three were killed when their vehicle hit a bomb and the fourth was shot in an insurgent attack U.S. military spokesman Lt. Robert Carr said to USA Today.
     The Marine was shot and killed while on foot patrol in the Nimroz province.
      This brings the death count in Afghanistan to 218 this year. This count is already 41 percent more than in 2008 according to The New York Times

Bear in North St. Paul

By Taryn Thomas

     A bear was shot in North St. Paul Friday morning by the Department of Natural Resources.
     The bear was walking near 17th Avenue East and 1st Street North near Richardson Elementary School according to KSTP 5. 
     Someone called 911 and the DNR came to the scene. The bear had climbed a tree by the time the DNR arrived. 
     The officers shot and killed the bear after it came down from the tree.
      KARE 11 reported that the bear was 120 pounds. 

Man Exposes Girlfriend to AIDS

BY Taryn Thomas

     A Duluth man pleaded guilty Tuesday to exposing his girlfriend to AIDS.
     Jessie Tuff, 39, pleaded guilty to the charge of the "knowing transfer of communicable disease," The StarTribune said.
     Tuff will be sentenced October 27 and the charge will be more serious of the women contracts HIV.
     The Duluth City Attorney Cary Schmies told KSTP 5 that he believes this is the first such case in Minnesota.

2009 Emmy Awards

By Taryn Thomas
     This year's Emmy Awards were the highest rated broadcast of the award show since 2006. The show had 13.3 million viewers The Nielsen Co. said KSTP 5.
     Niel Patrick Harris, the star of "How I Met Your Mother," hosted the show. Many follow actors thought he did a great job. KARE 11 reported that "Survivor" host Jeff Probst even congratulated Harris during his acceptance speak.
     Thankfully, Kanye West wasn't there to tell "30 Rock," winner for Best Comedy and "Mad Men," winner of Best Drama,  that they did not deserve their awards. 

Minnesota Wisconsin tax agreement ends

By Taryn Thomas

 Minnesota's tax agreement with Wisconsin will end January 1. This will leave around 13, 000 Minnesota residents who work in Wisconsin having to file two income tax returns.
      Around 8,000 of those people will pay higher taxes averaging at $300 more a year, the Star Tribune reported
     This agreement allowed Minnesota and Wisconsin residents who work across state lines to file a single tax return. Wisconsin reimburses Minnesota because more Wisconsin residents work in Minnesota. However, Minnesota does not receive these payments until 17 months after taxes are collected.
     KARE 11 reported that Gov. Tim Pawlenty is no longer going to wait for the payments especially in the current economic state. 

Analysis: Man's body pulled from Mississippi River

by Taryn Thomas

The lead in this story "Man's body pulled from Mississippi River", reported by KARE 11, is a straightforward hard-news lead.

            It interests the reader and makes the reader want to know more details.

            People will want to know why the man's body was in the river, how he died and if fowl play is suspected.

            The lead uses certain news elements to interest the reader. It answers who (the man), what (body has been recovered) and where (in the Mississippi River near the University of Minnesota campus).

            The where in this lead will be especially affective with students and people connected to the U of M because they will be interested in things occurring near their school.

Obama calls Kanye West a jackass

by Taryn Thomas

            President Obama called Kanye West a jackass off the record during an interview, reported NY Times.

            Kanye West interrupted teen singer Taylor Swift during her acceptance speech at the MTV Video Music Awards on Sunday.

            West is receiving a lot of bad comments from other celebrities and angry fans following his actions at the award show.

            Obama even weighed in on the matter when it was brought up while he was getting ready for an interview.

            Swift was hurt by West's action but, according to USA Today, West apologized to Swift after her appearance on "The View" on Tuesday. 

Animal lab tech arrested on suspicion of murder of Yale student

by Taryn Thomas

             An arrest in the murder of Annie Le, the 24-year-old Yale graduate student, was made on Thursday.

             Raymond Clark III was arrested at 8 a.m. Thursday at the Super Motel in Cromwell, Conn., reported USA Today.

            Clark was accused on strangling Annie Le and hiding her body in a wall. Her body was found on Sunday and there was DNA evidence at the scene linking the murder to Clark, authorities told the NY Times.

            Evidence is still being looked at but the police believe that no other arrests will be made. 

H1N1 falls short on production

by Taryn Thomas

            The global production of the flu vaccine against the pandemic strain of H1N1 will be less than was originally thought the World Health Organization told USA Today.

            There will now only be a maximum of 94 million doses a week. This means that the vaccines will have fallen short of 4.9 billion doses in year less than what was thought.

            KARE 11 reported that production is slower because the seasonal flu vaccines are still being given out.

Body found in the Mississippi

by Taryn Thomas


            A man's body was found in the Mississippi River close to the University of Minnesota campus Friday morning.

            The University police received a missing person report in the Washington Avenue bridge area by the Mississippi around 2 a.m. KSTP 5 reported that the man slipped while he was climbing a fence.

            The police found the body an hour later by the river's cliff, according to KARE 11.

            The identity of the victim is still unknown. However, KSTP 5 reported that the police said the victim was not a student at the University of Minnesota.


Teenager hit by train while listening to headphones

by Taryn Thomas
          A train in Buffalo, Minn. hit and killed a 16-year-old who may have been listening to headphones on Thursday night.
          Tyler Wood was walking on the train tracks near Highway 55 and 2nd Street around 7 p.m., KSTP 5 reported.

          The Canadian Pacific train engineer saw the teenager and blew the horn and attempted to stop. The train was unable to stop and hit Wood.

          The Buffalo police chief said there was evidence that Wood was wearing sound canceling headphones. Wood bought the headphones a few minutes before the crash at a Target store.

            According to KARE 11, suicide has not yet been ruled out.


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