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Plane crashes into home

By Taryn Thomas

        A small plane crashed into a house Friday in Lawrenceville, Ga, killing a woman and the pilot.
        The woman's husband was also in the house but he escaped. A neighbor said the husband tried to go back into the house to save his wife and others had to hold  him back, CBS Atlanta reported.
         According to CNN, the man and his wife names have not been released and the cause of the crash has not been determined.

British couple kidnapped by pirates

By Taryn Thomas

        Pirates off Somalia have kidnapped a British couple last week.
        Paul and Rachel Chandler were kidnapped from their yacht in the Indian Ocean, according to CNN.
        A spokesman for the pirates said that they are keeping the couple safe until they receive their ransom, reported the New York Times.
        Mr. Chandler was reached by cellphone and before he cut out he said that he and his wife were being held in the captain's quarters of the Koto Wajar, a Singaporean ship seized by the pirates earlier that month, and the ship is anchored about a mile off the Somali coast, according to CNN.

6 State Fair pigs had H1N1

By Taryn Thomas

         Six Minnesota State Fair pigs were confirmed by final tests to have H1N1 on Thursday.
         The tests, done by The U.S. Agriculture Department, confirmed the pigs had the H1N1 virus during the Minnesota State Fair, according to the Star Tribune.
        These cases are the first confirmed cases of pigs contracting H1N1, reported the Pioneer Press.
        Agriculture officials have been expecting pigs to contract H1N1.

Mock Brett Favre Funeral

By Taryn Thomas

           A radio station held a mock Brett Favre funeral on Friday.
           The Vikings are playing the Packers on Sunday and this will be Favre's first time playing at Lambeau field since he left the team.
          The event was held at Tom, Dick and Harry's a bar behind the Packer's practice field, according to Yahoo! News
          Fans will be able to leave memorials like Favre memorabilia, reported the Green Bay Press-Gazett.
          All donations will go the Deanna Favre Hope Foundation. 

Layoffs at Target Headquarters

By Taryn Thomas

        Target Corp.  has cut 85 marketing job, the company said Thursday.
         The employees that were laid off worked that the company's headquarters in Minneapolis, according to KSTP.
        The employees will receive full pay and benefits until Dec. 14. They will also receive severance pay, a year of health care benefits and assistance looking for new jobs, reported KARE 11.
        Target has been hurting because a lot of the company's revenue comes from nonessentials like home decor and clothing, which consumers do not spend as much on during the recession. 

Analysis: Press Release

By Taryn Thomas

          Gov. Bev Perdue gave a press conference Thursday about the possibly of 20 convicted felons being released with little supervision.
          The reporter for news-record.com used a the same approach that is used in reporting many speeches.
          The lead features the main point of the speech and is followed by a quote that backs it up.
          The rest of the story then highlights the other important points of the press release.

Comedian Soupy Sales dies at 83

By Taryn Thomas

        Soupy Sales, a television comedian, died Thursday, according to CNN.
        Sales was 83 years old. He fell backstage at an Emmy award show in New York and since then developed serious ailments, reported CNN.
        Sales was at the top of his fame in the '50s and '60s and had a long-running children's show called "Lunch With Soupy Sales," reported KARE 11.
        He is survived by his wife and two sons. 

Girls body found in Georgia landfill

By Taryn Thomas

      The body of a small girl found in a Georgia landfill has been identified as a missing Florida girl.
       Somer Thompson, 7, had been missing from Orange Park, Florida since Monday. Her body has been identified in a Georgia landfill and the police are calling it a homicide, reported KARE 11.
      According to CNN, the girl went missing when she was walking home from school. The police have not released the cause of death.
      Deina Thompson, Somer's mother, sent out a warning to her daughter's killer on camera and said that she will not rest until the killer is found. 

Ice-skating bear kills circus trainer

By Taryn Thomas

       An ice-skating bear attacked two circus trainers, killing one, during a circus rehearsal Friday in Russia.
       According to CNN, the bear attacked the circus administrator, Dmitry Potapov, 25, during the Bears On Ice program in Bishkek. It is not clear what caused the attack but the bear dragged Potapov across the ice by his neck almost severing his legs.
      A circus trainer, Yevgeny Popov, 29, tired to help him and was mauled. He is in  critical condition according to the Local Sun.
       The 5-year-old bear that attacked was later shot by the police.

Man hurt in hockey fan fight

By Taryn Thomas

     A hockey fan fight at a University of Minnesota hockey game this weekend left one person seriously injured and another in jail, The Minnesota Daily reported.
    At a University of North Dakota - University of Minnesota hockey game in Grand Forks Jason Smith, 34 of Grand Forks, was found unconscious on the ground.
    He was punched as he left the hockey arena Friday night, according to KARE 11.
    Peter Chwialkowski of Minnesota was charged with a felony of aggravated assault.

Couple Found Dead in Cabin

By Taryn Thomas

     A couple was found dead on Saturday in their cabin in Longville.
     Lee, 58, and Nancy, 55, Schwarze were found dead in their cabin by relatives. Their deaths may have been caused by  a poorly ventilated gas heater, according to KSTP.
     Michael Schwarze, the couple's 22-year-old son, was found unconscious in the cabin, KARE 11 reported.
     He was taken to Hennepin County Medical Center and is in critical condition.

Analysis: Multimedia

By Taryn Thomas

     Both The New York Times and CNN have similar multimedia features.
     They both have videos and photos available if there is one to go with the story. The New York Times get the video from other news organizations such as MSNBC.
      Both also feature links that you may click on to read past stories on the same subject or relevant information.
     These features do complement the news because it gives the reader more information and gives the reader a visual feature. 
    Multimedia features are attached to all different types of stories. The story I looked at was breaking news because it is happening right now. A boy was supposedly trapped in a hot air balloon. So the stories had the characteristics of breaking news. 

Clinton speaks to students in Moscow

By Taryn Thomas

     Secretary of State Hillary Clinton spoke to students at the University of Moscow on Wednesday.
     She paid tribute to religious tolerance and she also challenged Russia's leaders to open their political system and allow more dissent, according to the New York Times.
    She also spoke of the difficult history of the U.S. and Russia. She wants everyone to more on from a Cold War mentality, CNN reported

Alleged Mafia members to plead guilty

By Taryn Thomas

     Six alleged members of a South Florida crew for New York's Bonanno organized crime family are set to plead guilty in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.
     They are being charged with racketeering or RICO conspiracy by committing a variety of crimes including murder conspiracy, racketeering, insurance fraud, identity theft and selling stolen good, according to USA TODAY.
      Six are pleading guilty but the Miami Herald reported that their alleged leader of the crew, Thomas Fiore has pleaded not guilty.
       RICO conspiracy has a maximum sentence of 20 years.

Carly Simon Sues Starbucks

By Taryn Thomas

     Singer Carly Simon is suing Starbucks Corp. for not properly promoting with 2008 album.
     The lawsuit was filed Friday in California and Simon's lawyers said that the album was not available in "a substantial number" of Starbucks stores, according to KARE 11.
     In some Starbucks stores the album was not sold at full price and was not in stock, The New York Times reported.
     According to KARE 11, Starbucks made a statement saying that it met all its contractual obligations and even extended the amount of time it promoted the album in New York and Boston. 

University of Minnesota Spring Jam Changes

By Taryn Thomas

      The University of Minnesota will be making changes to its 2010 Spring Jam.
      According to the Minnesota Daily, Spring Jam will be shorter this year only lasting 3 days instead of 6. There will also be increased police presence and a zero-tolerance policy for loud parties and alcohol related activities.
      The changes have been made because of last year's riot, KARE 11 reported. The police had to break the riot with tear gas, chemical irritant, riot sticks and marking rounds. 

University of Minnesota Spring Jam Changes

Two Minnesotans Killed in Afghanistan

by Taryn Thomas

     A Marine and an Army National Guardsman died in Afghanistan on Friday and Saturday.
     Marine Staff Sgt. Aaron J. Taylor, 27, and National Guard Spc. George W. Cauley were both from Minnesota, according to KSTP.
    Taylor was killed by a homemade bomb Friday. Cauley  was killed when his vehicle was attacked with a homemade bomb in the Helmand province in Afghanistan, KARE 11 reported.
   According to KARE 11, the Defense Department has not officially made an announcement about Cauley's death. They only said a member of the National Guard from Walker, Minnesota died Saturday. 

Vikings beat Packers

By Taryn Thomas

     The Minnesota Vikings beat the Green Bay Packer Monday night making Brett Favre the only quarterback to beat all 32 NFL teams, KARE 11 reported.
     It was a close game but in the end the Vikings won by seven points. KSTP reported that the final score was 30 to 23.
    The Packer's QB Aaron Rodgers was sacked eight times by the Vikings defense.
     After the game hugged many of his former teammates, including Rogers.
    "It's why I play the game. It was fun. It never gets old to me, even though I do," Favre said to KSTP.
     The Vikings are still undefeated this season. 

Rwanda genocide suspect arrested

By Taryn Thomas

       One of the most wanted suspects in the 1994 Rwandan genocide was arrested and extradited Tuesday, according to police in Uganda.
        Ildephonse Nizeyimana was found in a hotel in Rubaga, a suburb of Kampala, Uganda, CNN reported that authorities said.
       Nizeyimana was one of the top officials who allegedly was a part of the genocide and he will be tired in court. 
      The Associated Press reported that a police spokeswoman in Uganda said that Nizeyimana is believe to have entered Uganda using fake travel documents.
     The genocide in Rwanda was one of the most brutal genocides in modern history, according to CNN, there were close to 1 million dead.

Plane crashes in Eden Prairie

BY Taryn Thomas

      A small plan crashed in Eden Prairie Monday injuring the pilot.
      The plane, a single-engine Navion, crashed around 12:30 p.m. in the Central Creek Conservation Area, according to KSTP.
       The pilot was taken to Hennepin County Medical Center, KARE 11 reported.
       No one on the ground was hurt and no houses were damaged. 
      Officials think that the plane came from Anoka County-Blaine Airport but do not know where the pilot was going, according to KARE 11.

Coach Inc. sues Target

By Taryn Thomas

       Coach Inc. is suing Target Corp. over a handbag that too closely resembles one of their designs.
       Coach wants Target to stop selling the bags and pay the damages, The StarTribune reported.
       The design that started this lawsuit are Coach's Ergo bags and Signature Patchwork bags.
       The Wall Street Journal reported that the lawsuit said, "Target is not authorized by Coach to manufacture, distribute, advertise, offer for sale and/or sell merchandise bearing the Ergo designs or the Signature Patchwork designs."

Gang of raccoons attack woman

By Taryn Thomas

     A Florida woman was attacked by a "gang of raccoons" Saturday afternoon.
     Gretchen Whitted, 74, was trying to shoo the animals away from her front door and they attacked her, Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd said, KARE 11 reported.
     "When she fell down, they enveloped her," Sheriff Judd said in a news conference, KARE 11 reported.
     Raccoons are aggressive when it comes to food but USA TODAY reported that the sheriff had never heard of a gang attack.
     The raccoons that attacked the women have not been found and even if raccoons are caught it will be hard to tell if they are the attackers.
By Taryn Thomas

      The story about a Chicago student being beaten to death is reported in USA TODAY in a Kabob form.
      The reporter starts off the story with an anecdote about a father and how he fears for the safety of his own children.
      Then the story goes into more detail about the actual incident. The reporter summarizes what happened and gives all the important details.
      The story then ends with another anecdote. The reporter did the story this way to show its impact on the community and its affect on people.
      It is effective in showing how people are affected but it could have been done in an inverted pyramid style. The other stories on this incident were done this way and seemed more effective. 

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