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Gunmen Holds hostages at Philippines school

By Taryn Thomas

The New York Times reported that gunmen took 75 people hostage on Thursday in a elementary school  in the southern Philippines, officials said.

The Gunmen later releases 27 of the hostages including all of the children. The situation occurred after one of the assailants leaders was served an arrest warrant by the police.

The leader, Ondo Perez, was served a warrant for being suspected to be running a criminal organization called the Perez Group.

The New York Daily News reported that 10 more hostages have been released. The conditions and identities of the remaining hostages has not been released. 

Iran freed five sailors

By Taryn Thomas

The New York Times reported that Iran released the five British sailors that they captured. The sailors were detained on Nov. 25 after their racing yacht went into Iranian territorial waters in the Persian Gulf when they were on the way to a race.

A spokesman in London said that the men were being returned and their yacht, Kingdom of Bahrain, is being towed back.

CNN reported that the men's names are Oliver Young, 21, Luke Porter, 21, Olly Smith, 31, Sam Usher, 26, and Dave Bloomer, in his 60s. 

The Iranians released the men after they determined that their yacht accidentally wandered into their waters. 

Cancer scientist is "Belle de Jour"

By Taryn Thomas

CNN has reported that a cancer scientistic is behind the secret identity of an erotic blogger and author whose life as a prostitute became a hit TV series.

Brooke Magnanti, 34, revealed herself to be the women behind "Belle de Jour",the salacious online diary of a high class call girl, to a British newspaper. Magnanti is a cancer specialist at a university in western England.

Her accounts of working as a call girl got her a huge following and a book deal. She also had many critics saying that she glamorized  sex.

According to ABC News, Magnanti became a call girl when she moved from Scotland to London while working on her Ph.D. thesis. 

MIA dog found after 14 months

By Taryn Thomas

USA Today reported the an Australian bomb-sniffing dog that disappeared during a fight in Afghanistan between Australian troops and militant fighters has been found after being missing for 14 months. 

Sabi, a black Labrador, was with a joint Australian-Afghan army patrol when they were ambushed and after the fight was not seen again. Officials said that Sabi was found Thursday by a U.S. soldier at an isolated patrol base in Uruzgan.

The San Francisco Chronicle reported that it is unknown where the dog was for 14 months, but the dog was in good condition and happy. It appeared that someone had been taking care of her. 

2 NATO Soldiers Missing

By Taryn Thomas

     Two NATO soldiers have been missing since Wednesday in western Afghanistan.
     The soldiers were on a routine resupply mission and did not return, CNN reported.
     There is a search mission still going on.
     According to The New York Times, a Taliban spokesman told the Reuters new agency that they recovered the bodies of 2 drowned soldiers.These bodies have not yet been confirmed as the missing soldiers. 

British couple kidnapped by pirates

By Taryn Thomas

        Pirates off Somalia have kidnapped a British couple last week.
        Paul and Rachel Chandler were kidnapped from their yacht in the Indian Ocean, according to CNN.
        A spokesman for the pirates said that they are keeping the couple safe until they receive their ransom, reported the New York Times.
        Mr. Chandler was reached by cellphone and before he cut out he said that he and his wife were being held in the captain's quarters of the Koto Wajar, a Singaporean ship seized by the pirates earlier that month, and the ship is anchored about a mile off the Somali coast, according to CNN.

Ice-skating bear kills circus trainer

By Taryn Thomas

       An ice-skating bear attacked two circus trainers, killing one, during a circus rehearsal Friday in Russia.
       According to CNN, the bear attacked the circus administrator, Dmitry Potapov, 25, during the Bears On Ice program in Bishkek. It is not clear what caused the attack but the bear dragged Potapov across the ice by his neck almost severing his legs.
      A circus trainer, Yevgeny Popov, 29, tired to help him and was mauled. He is in  critical condition according to the Local Sun.
       The 5-year-old bear that attacked was later shot by the police.

Clinton speaks to students in Moscow

By Taryn Thomas

     Secretary of State Hillary Clinton spoke to students at the University of Moscow on Wednesday.
     She paid tribute to religious tolerance and she also challenged Russia's leaders to open their political system and allow more dissent, according to the New York Times.
    She also spoke of the difficult history of the U.S. and Russia. She wants everyone to more on from a Cold War mentality, CNN reported

Rwanda genocide suspect arrested

By Taryn Thomas

       One of the most wanted suspects in the 1994 Rwandan genocide was arrested and extradited Tuesday, according to police in Uganda.
        Ildephonse Nizeyimana was found in a hotel in Rubaga, a suburb of Kampala, Uganda, CNN reported that authorities said.
       Nizeyimana was one of the top officials who allegedly was a part of the genocide and he will be tired in court. 
      The Associated Press reported that a police spokeswoman in Uganda said that Nizeyimana is believe to have entered Uganda using fake travel documents.
     The genocide in Rwanda was one of the most brutal genocides in modern history, according to CNN, there were close to 1 million dead.

Earthquake in Indonesia

By Taryn Thomas

       An earthquake in Indonesia killed at least 200 people Wednesday evening, The New York Times reported.
       An earthquake with the magnitude of 7.6 stuck the island of Sumatra in Indonesia, CNN reported. 
     Along with the deaths there are many injuries and many destroyed villages around the island.
     This country frequently has earthquakes and is at high risk being so close to the world's most active fault lines.
     According to The New York Times, the National Disaster Management Agency said the death toll will almost certainly increase because many people are still trapped in the rubble of buildings. 

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