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St. Paul shooting

By: Taryn Thomas

KARE 11 reported that a man that is an alleged gang member has been charged in the fatal shooting in the parking lot of a St. Paul apartment building.

Rashad Lamont Burch, 25, was charged with intentional  second-degree murder with killing Dwight Raymond Tate, 24.

KSTP reported that the shooting occurred during a confrontation between two groups on women. It is also said that Burch had a grudge against Tate. Later in the same apartment complex a second man was killed by police after he allegedly shot a police officer in the leg. 

Gopher basketball player pleads guilty

By Taryn Thomas

The Minnesota Daily reported that Royce White, a freshman Gopher basketball player, pleaded guilty Wednesday morning of charges of theft and disorderly conduct.

The disorderly conduct charge was lowered from fifth-degree assault. White said that he stole 100 million dollars worth of merchandise and had an argument with a security guard. 

White was fined $600 but the charges will be removed for is record after one year if he stays out of trouble. He is also banned from the Mall of America. 

It is unclear if White will be re-instateed to the basketball team, KARE 11 said.

Petters found guilty

By Taryn Thomas

The Star Tribune reported that Tom Petters was found guilty of fraud and money laundering on all 20 federal counts. The jury's deliberations lasted five days. 

These charges were involving his 3.5 billion dollar ponzi scheme. The assistant U.S. Attorney Joe Dixon said that this is the most significant financial fraud to occur in Minnesota. When the decision was read Petter was somber, KARE 11 reported.

The judge did not set a sentencing date but it is expected to be in a couple of months. 

Teacher Convicted of Criminal Sexual Conduct

By Taryn Thomas

A women was convicted by a jury Friday of having sexual contact with a 17-year-old female student she was mentoring, KARE 11 reported.

Melissa Koehn, 31, was found guilty of three counts of criminal sexual conduct. Koehn was a teacher and the basketball coach at St. Croix Lutheran High School.

Koehn and the student were found by a police officer inside a parked car in Apple Valley. Koehn admitted the two had a sexual relationship and dating back to August 2008.

According to the \, the age of consent is 16 years old, but it is against the law for a teacher to have a sexual relationship with a student 17 or younger, 

Minn. House Tells Court Pawlenty Abused Budget Law

By Taryn Thomas

KSTP reported that the lawyers for the Minnesota House believe the Gov. Tim Pawlenty misused a state law to enact budget cuts without legislative consent. The lawyers spelled this out in a 34-page brief on Friday.

The lawsuit questions some of the $2.7 billion in budget cuts made by Pawlenty. One of the main cuts involves money for food assistance and property tax credits for the poor.

KARE 11 added that the judge in this case might stop the cuts while the case is in court. 

University of Minnesota Ethics Policy

By Taryn Thomas

KARE 11 reported that the University of Minnesota officials said that a new draft of the ethics policy was made that will include guidance for avoiding conflicts-of-interest.

Mark Rotenberg, university general counsel, presented the policy Tuesday. The policy would ban faculty from product endorsements and ghosting writing research papers among other things.

On Thursday the university regents will hear a presentation.

The Minnesota Daily reported that the new policy would also tighten annual requirements for reporting outside income that University employees get. Financial accountability has recently increased in interest because of financial issues with researchers in the Medical School.

University of Minnesota player accused of assault

By Taryn Thomas

KARE 11 is reporting that a University of Minnesota Gopher football player was accused of assault on Halloween night.  Neena Rachael accused the player of assault.

According to Rachael, she was out with friends and got a ride home with them and the player was the designated driver. She said she had never met him before. Rachael got into an argument with the football player's girlfriend.

Allegedly this is when the football player got involved. Rachael said that he threw her across the wall and she fell. Then he allegedly picked her up by the wrist and threw against the wall six more times.

The Minnesota Daily is reporting that the accused football player is Nathan Tow-Arnett, a 27-year-old sophomore that is a defensive back for the Gophers. The Daily also named the victim as Neena Kurian. I am unsure which name is correct. 

The police say that Tow-Arnett and Rachael (Kurian) both have different stories and they are still investigating. 

Gopher basketball players suspended

By Taryn Thomas

      The Gophers suspended 2 more basketball players Tuesday making it a total of 3 suspended players.
      Coach Tubby Smith announced  that freshman Royce White and senior Devron Bostick are suspended for breaking team rules.
      According to KSTP, White faces legal trouble because he was accused of stealing merchandise from Macy's at the Mall of America and also pushing a security guard to the ground.
       The reason from Bostick suspension is not clear.
       Another player, Trevor Mbakwe, was already suspended pending the outcome of his trial on a felony aggravated battery charge in Miami, KSTP reported.
          KARE 11 reported that Smith is still unsure of how long he will decide to suspend the players but they are at least suspended for 2 games. 

H1N1 Deaths

By Taryn Thomas

       Health officials in Minnesota are reporting 4 more deaths related to the flu.
       Not all the details of the cases are being released but 3 cases are from the H1N1 virus, KARE 11 reported.
       The cases of people with H1N1 are lower this week then last week.
       Debbie Lindstrom, 48, is one of the people that died from H1N1. She died Tuesday at Mayo Clinic in Rochester after being hospitalized for fluid build up around her heart, KSTP reported.
       Friends said that Lindstrom had no underlying medical condition. 

6 State Fair pigs had H1N1

By Taryn Thomas

         Six Minnesota State Fair pigs were confirmed by final tests to have H1N1 on Thursday.
         The tests, done by The U.S. Agriculture Department, confirmed the pigs had the H1N1 virus during the Minnesota State Fair, according to the Star Tribune.
        These cases are the first confirmed cases of pigs contracting H1N1, reported the Pioneer Press.
        Agriculture officials have been expecting pigs to contract H1N1.

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