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Diane Sawyer leaves Good Morning America

By: Taryn Thomas

CNN reported that Diana Sawyer left "Good Morning America." Her last episode was Friday morning. 

Sawyer has worked on "Good Morning America" for the past ten years. Her final episode was full of laughter tears and memories. Sawyer will now be anchoring "World News Tonight."

USA Today reported that George Stephanopoulos will be replacing Sawyer on "Good Morning America." He will anchor with Robin Roberts. His first day will be Dec. 21. 

Susan Boyle tops the charts

By Taryn Thomas

BBC News reported that Susan Boyle, 48, set the record for the highest selling debut by a female artist. The record sales tracker Neilsen SoundScan told BBC News that Boyle's record "I Dreamed A Dream" sold 701,000 copies in the first week in the US.

Boyle was a finalist in the television show "Britain's Got Talent" and beat "American Idol" runner-up Adam Lambert in sales. Lambert's record debuted at number three.

Boyle even beat Eminem in record sales, CNN said. He held the year's highest record sales title until the release of Boyle's record. 

New Moon Sets Records

By Taryn Thomas

USA Today reported that "The Twilight Saga: New Moon" set the box-office record for midnight screenings. It is estimated that it earned $26.3 million Friday morning.

"New Moon" opened at midnight in 3,524 theaters. This movie is expected to have one of the biggest opening weekends of the year.

"New Moon" beat "Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince," which earned $22.2 million when it opened this summer, according to CNN. It will also make more in its opening day than "The Dark Knight," which grossed $67.2 million on its opening day. 

'Wipeout' Contestant Dies

By Taryn Thomas

CNN reported that a contestant on the ABC show 'Wipeout' died Nov. 5 after having an apparent stroke. Tom Sparks, 33, was participating in the show on Oct. 19  and was bought to the hospital after complaining of knee pain during an obstacle course challenge. He was also experiencing shortness of breath.

The stroke was likely caused by a pre-existing condition. The New York Times reported that the stroke was likely caused by antiphospholipid antibody syndrome (APS).

The contestants on 'Wipeout' have to complete medical examinations before they can be on the show, but APS is found through blood testing.

Yankees Win

By Taryn Thomas

     The New York Yankees won the 2009 World Series Wednesday night against the Philadelphia Phillies. 
    The final score was 7-3. This is the Yankees' 27th World Series win, The New York Times reported.
    Hideki Matsui hit three homers and had eight runs batted in and was World Series MVP, USA Today reported. 

Plane crashes into home

By Taryn Thomas

        A small plane crashed into a house Friday in Lawrenceville, Ga, killing a woman and the pilot.
        The woman's husband was also in the house but he escaped. A neighbor said the husband tried to go back into the house to save his wife and others had to hold  him back, CBS Atlanta reported.
         According to CNN, the man and his wife names have not been released and the cause of the crash has not been determined.

Comedian Soupy Sales dies at 83

By Taryn Thomas

        Soupy Sales, a television comedian, died Thursday, according to CNN.
        Sales was 83 years old. He fell backstage at an Emmy award show in New York and since then developed serious ailments, reported CNN.
        Sales was at the top of his fame in the '50s and '60s and had a long-running children's show called "Lunch With Soupy Sales," reported KARE 11.
        He is survived by his wife and two sons. 

Carly Simon Sues Starbucks

By Taryn Thomas

     Singer Carly Simon is suing Starbucks Corp. for not properly promoting with 2008 album.
     The lawsuit was filed Friday in California and Simon's lawyers said that the album was not available in "a substantial number" of Starbucks stores, according to KARE 11.
     In some Starbucks stores the album was not sold at full price and was not in stock, The New York Times reported.
     According to KARE 11, Starbucks made a statement saying that it met all its contractual obligations and even extended the amount of time it promoted the album in New York and Boston. 

Coach Inc. sues Target

By Taryn Thomas

       Coach Inc. is suing Target Corp. over a handbag that too closely resembles one of their designs.
       Coach wants Target to stop selling the bags and pay the damages, The StarTribune reported.
       The design that started this lawsuit are Coach's Ergo bags and Signature Patchwork bags.
       The Wall Street Journal reported that the lawsuit said, "Target is not authorized by Coach to manufacture, distribute, advertise, offer for sale and/or sell merchandise bearing the Ergo designs or the Signature Patchwork designs."

'Jon & Kate Plus Eight' minus Jon

By Taryn Thomas

     The TLC network announced Tuesday that their show 'Jon & Kate Plus Eight' will continue in November as 'Kate Plus Eight', USA TODAY reported.
     It was questionable if the show would continue after the recent separation of Jon and Kate Gosselin. Now TLC has confirmed that the show will continue and focus on Kate and her eight kids and being a single mother.
    There has been a lot in the media lately about the couple's breakup.
     CNN reported that TLC President Eileen O'Neill said that Jon Gosselin will still appear on the show but not as often. 

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