July 20, 2004

CI 5330: Day 1 Reflections

This class, CI 5330--Distance Learning: Learning Communities, explores many of the ideas that excite the researcher in me. I often wonder about some of the same topics we read about regarding online learning communities. I was very intrigued by our book's (Facilitating Online Learning: Effective Strategies for Moderators) discussion of authoritarian versus authoritative dialogues. As a student who takes online courses, I see the distinction as well as the importance of the distinction. However, as an instructor, I find it very difficult to be perceived as giving expert insight instead of looking over their shoulder. Instructors in an online environment play a very difficult, yet important role. It really is an art to be learned.

Here are some questions I had from the reading; I'm very interested in your thoughts on these questions:

1. Do any studies examine the pedagogical advantages of scheduled, asychronous assignments (p.5)? It seemed like INTEC and TLC used this approach for technical reasons (bandwidth, etc), but I could see some real pedagogical benefits to a scheduled asychronous approach. Anyone know of any studies out there?

2. Did you understand the "Moderator as Thief" concept (p.14)? Help!

Also, in our online courses for the STLI, my supervisor created an area called the Lounge for idle chit chat among our students. I loved this area--now I have research to back it up (Social Dialogue, p. 20-21).

Posted by thomp245 at July 20, 2004 10:29 PM