July 21, 2004

Online Learning Strategies

I like the idea of using audio and video clips to help foster a sense of community with students in an online environment. One of the strategies that we use with the School Technology Leadership Initiative (STLI) is the use of a tool called Apresso. With Apresso, we can send compressed video files to our students (often consists of a talking head) with a table of contents of the themes included. Sound and video cues seems to gives a personal touch to students.

Some points of interest from the readings:
1. Strategy of breaking into smaller, collaborative breakout groups. I've been in an online class that used this strategy--as a student, I found it to be very rewarding. I learned a lot from my classmates, and we took turns serving as moderator for our session (p. 84)

2. Strategy that discusses the "hybrid" model. This is the model for the STLI. Hybrid, or blended, learning approaches are the focus of my dissertation research for the next two years. The immediate community building from the F2F session is amazing to see--then students take those relationships and transform them to the online environment. It's been very successful for the STLI (p. 85)

3. Our book alsosuggests a course can have too much discussion and too much constructivism. I guess this makes sense. If you have too much discussion, students can be overwhelmed by the number of posts. If the course is too constructivist, student may be receiving enough guidance to move forward (p. 96-97).

Posted by thomp245 at July 21, 2004 10:40 PM