July 27, 2004

Tone, Voice, Critical-Thinking Strategies, and Roadblocks to Effective Posts

Responding to debating students, complaining students, and dominating students can be especially difficult for an online facilitator. Online environments are precarious because it's one-way communication without the critical visual cues, e.g., body languages. I found the discussion about different tones, voices, and critical thinking strategies to be a great resource for the future. The key is know when to use the different tools at a facilitator's fingertips. Online facilitators have a tough job.

I was struck by the roadblocks to effective moderation, and I was glad the authors of the text spent some time on the eight different roadblocks. I know that I am guilty of the question mill. I love to use inquiry-based strategies, but I know I go too far sometimes. Students may feel overwhelming and answer only one of my probing questions.

We (Merryn, Jeff, & I) are developing an activity where students pick a voice, tone, and critical-thinking strategy that they feel would best serve a particular scenario. I love problem-based learning--I hope it will be an effective exercise.

Posted by thomp245 at July 27, 2004 12:42 AM