April 24, 2005

Growing Up

In our society, 18 is the legal age for most activites. Some are older, some younger. But the real question is, what makes a person an adult?

Is it some age, where you magically have some revelation making you a fully aware of what goes on?

Or is it a process, something happening over time, started by an event?

I think it is more of a process, started by an event, frequently a catastrophe. An event calls you to action, forcing you to leave behind the safties of childhood, and look out on the world in an adult manner. For me it wsa 9-11-01, as it was for many people in my generation. Often, it appears in a memoir. In Coming of Age in Mississippi, the murder of Emmett Till forced Anne Moody, the author, to realize exactly what situation she was in, and it lead to her joining the movement of the time.

Everyone has something that propels them out of childhood, what was yours?

Posted by thomp356 at April 24, 2005 5:21 PM