October 3, 2005

Why do I try?

Here's another stupid article from the Daily.

Most days, I wonder why I even read it, because at this rate, I'll just get driven to an early grave. I'll add my letter to the editor later in the Extended Entry.

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October 2, 2005


Like so many others, I've seen Joss Whedon's Serenity. Actually, I saw it Friday night.

My reaction right after: Bravo Zulu.

For a deeper reaction and spoilers. . .

Deeper reaction.
Way better than Star Wars. It still had the sense of wonder of, something new. The characters are well rounded, and seem, well, human. Having only seen "Sereneity" and "The Train Job," the Reavers were new to me, but still quite frightening, as techo-Barbarians. The intro, set up as a lesson to a young River Tam, where she lets the unplesant truth out, the Alliance meddles with peoples lives. It then snaps to her break out by Simon, and then the Agent appears. It's a great chase plot, from a world under Reaver attack while Mal steals a pay roll, to fleeing from the Reavers, the Alliance, a meeting with Inarra and the Agent at the same time Seeing River go crazy in the bar was just amazing. Mr. Universe was great, the quintisential nerd. Seeing every one who killed them forced them to go out through Reaver space, and find a truly horrid sight on Miranda. Running through the Reaver fleet was sickening, but not as bad as what happened down there. I'm not going too much further.

But why was Wash killed? His death served no purpose in pushing on the plot. It was pointless.

I'd say the Agent is one of the best villians I've seen in a while. He considered himself a necesscary evil, and was quite fond of telling people what their sin was, in his eyes. My favourite exchange (more or less):
Agent: "Do you know what sin you suffer from?"
Mal: "I have several. Right now, I have wrath."

And, when Mal is wounded, and about to show the wolds the result of Miranda, "This is what a world with out sin looks like."

Grade A

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September 11, 2005

Je Me Souviens

That means "I remember." It's the motto of Quebec.

It is also a reminder of four years ago. The murder of three thousand Americans, and others

Four years ago, I was a boy wondering what do do with my life.

Four years ago, I thought the oceans ment we were safe, as there was no one who could challenge us.

Four years ago, I was I stood disbeliveing, because it was so impossible.

Four years ago, I was making my mind up that it was time to fight.

We need the unity again, to win.

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July 13, 2005

Checking In

I've been at CORTRAMID West the past week, and I've finally had time to write something. Last Friday, CAPT Coulson, the Officer in Charge who also is my normal CO, gave a speech about why we are here. it is that we are defending our way of life. I won't have much time here to spare, so this will be brief. Also, I've spent some underway time on the USS GERMANTOWN (LSD-43), a HAPRER'S FERRY class ship. I'm still feeling a bit like I'm underway, with a swaying I feel.

Next up is Submarine week, W00T!

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April 24, 2005

Growing Up

In our society, 18 is the legal age for most activites. Some are older, some younger. But the real question is, what makes a person an adult?

Is it some age, where you magically have some revelation making you a fully aware of what goes on?

Or is it a process, something happening over time, started by an event?

I think it is more of a process, started by an event, frequently a catastrophe. An event calls you to action, forcing you to leave behind the safties of childhood, and look out on the world in an adult manner. For me it wsa 9-11-01, as it was for many people in my generation. Often, it appears in a memoir. In Coming of Age in Mississippi, the murder of Emmett Till forced Anne Moody, the author, to realize exactly what situation she was in, and it lead to her joining the movement of the time.

Everyone has something that propels them out of childhood, what was yours?

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March 30, 2005


Yesterday was the first decent weather we've had up here in a while. People here were going around in shorts, and some of the coeds were rather scantily clad. Unlike at Knoxville, the grass is still a nasty yellow green.

This morning though, was excellent until sometime between 0805, and 0850, when a torrential downpour and thunderstorm occureed. Now, it's cold, wet, and grey.

But I still like yesterday.

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March 21, 2005

Recent Events

I went to the auto show a few weeks ago. I took a look at a lot of different cars. Yes, I saw the insanely fast cars that cost too damm much. Most of the Maseratis don't even make 180! Joe Walsh lied!

I really liked the Saturn Sky concept they intend to bring to market in 2006-2007. A $25-$30,000 roadster! I'll take it. I'm consdiering getting a Jeep though as an Ensignmobile after I get out, though.

I wouldn't get a New Beetle. Too cute. And some of them have way to poor gas milage. GM, I'm looking at some of your product lines. COUGHhummerCOUGH.

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