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News Lead in story of University students death

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An article grabs a reader if one vital component is available--the lead. In the story by the Star Tribune about the University of Minnesota student, the death of the young man is the central meat of the article. Elements such as the who, what, where, and when are available to the reader in the lead. They are informed on what the story will contain and beyond the first sentence, the details will be listed from most to least importance.
The names and times are general until the next few sentences, where details unravel. The name of the man killed is important, but since he is not know by most of society, his ranking of importance in the article decreases. With leads, their are many different choices but the overall formula is easily followed by many reporters.

Missing Students body found

The body of a missing University of Minnesota student was found in a boxcar Thursday near TCF Bank Stadium.
Keaton Murphy was arrested on Ja. 20 and suspected of selling pornography to children but disappeared shortly after his release from jail reported the Star Tribune.
University Police Chief Greg Hestness told the Minnesota Daily the police do not suspect that it is a homicide at this point and are continuing the investigation.
The Minnesota Daily reported the car belonged to Minnesota Commercial Railway and that trains will not run by this area until the investigation has ended.

Plan for ramps in the next decade

Hennepin County has plans to upgrade its pedestrian crossings with 7,000 pedestrian ramps over the next decade.
The University of Minnesota will undergo changes on Fourth Street, University Avenue, and Washington Avenue, the Minnesota Daily reported.
County transportation director Jim Grube told the Star Tribune the citizens will now be aware of when they arrive at the intersection and can efficiently travel between sidewalks.
He said a fund for the construction is not in place but the transportation departments capital and operating budgets will brew the pot in the coming years.

2 sounded in Cedar-Riverside neighborhood

Two men were wounded outside the Brian Coyle Center on Monday evening in a drive by shooting.
The community is primarily in shock at the lack of security since Jan, 1 of this year, when a guard was removed reported the Minnesota Daily.
Tony Wagner, President of Pillsbury United Communities told the Star Tribune it is a struggle to keep young children from hanging around outside, but the center is doing its best to make safe changes.
There was also a shooting in 2008 that creates a trend, emphasizing a need for future security in the budget.

Texas Tower No. 4 honored

Fifty years later, 28 men are recognized by President Barack Obama as the fallen workers of "Texas Station No. 4".
The families of these men should be receiving a letter from Obama through U.S. Sen. John Kerry's office in hope of peace, the Star Tribune reported.
The radar towers structure buckled in a North Atlantic storm, leaving the men trapped inside, 80 miles offshore.
The CBS Boston reports that Obama is the first to respond to numerous letters in search of recognition for the workers.
The Star Tribune reported that the anniversary of the collapse is Jan. 15, 1981, but families should receive letters within the next week.

An end to the Egyptian regime

Egyptian demonstrations are calming down in Cairo, Egypt amidst the crowds of protestors in Tahrir Square on Sunday.
Cheers from the people demand the end of the 30-year regime of Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak and an end to poverty and high unemployment reported USA Today.
Nobel Peace Laureate, Mohamed ElBaradei, said that the beginning of a new Egypt will unfold with the departure of the regime, reported the Star Tribune.
The United States has been an ally with Egypt for more than three decades and is offering advice--transition to democracy.

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