Analysis: News Obituary for Mike Struck of Cleveland

Before his death, Mike Struck was a public employee for the Minnesota Department of Transportation. The sources included in the column by Tom Tevlin, columnist for Star Tribune, include those he worked alongside and his loved ones that he has left behind.

A regional spokeswoman for MnDOT commented on the cause of his death and his work ethic. A friend and co-worker spoke of Struck as a person and the love for his family. His mentor, Brian Lillie, explained the little things that made Struck special and some contributions he made to his community.

The lead used in the column is unlike the New York Times obituaries, but is efficient in the way it is written. Struck's death is used as a positive example of a city worker in a time when government jobs are portrayed in a lazy and overcompensated manner. The first two paragraphs tie in the demoralization of public employees by politicians such as Gov. Scott Walker. His age is included in the third paragraph that describes Struck's death.

In comparison to a general resume listing career and volunteer positions and achievements, Struck's article describes how he will be remembered as a person and the mark he left on his community and state. In addition, his friends and loved ones are paying tribute to him in the memories that they possess of him in specific career positions.

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